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five on friday


August 21, 2015

It’s been quite a bit since I have joined in and linked up with my favorite blogging roundup so today I am doing just that, all in no particular order of course 🙂
ONE. Favorite Pins as of Late
It’s late at night when I find myself browsing Pinterest these days… like when I am trying to unwind from a long day and need some mindless goodies to help me relax and decompress. Here are a few specifics from the design department I’m loving: 
this laundry room via arkansas life
this colorful PINK room via georgiana design
this relaxing retreat via andrea goldman design
this breakfast nook via lisa sherry interieurs
TWO. The Kindergarten Toolkit

I connected with a local Brentwood mom about a month or so ago when she reached out to me about her Kindergarten Toolkit. It’s designed for kids ages 2 through 6 and it’s a lesson booklet which focuses on 10 goals to know before Kindergarten. Each goal has 3-4 simple mini lessons so a parent, grandparent, nanny, or older sibling can have ideas on how to teach that specific concept. The back of the lesson book has supplemental pages the parents can make unlimited copies of for assessment and lesson use.  
Carrie created this toolkit to be used with multiple kids, so you only need to purchase one. It comes with four sets of flashcards: letters (upper and lower case), numbers (1-20) shapes/colors, 25 Kindergarten sight words, a whiteboard, and pen. 
As a mom and former Kindergarten teacher, Carrie knows a thing or two about education and starting them young and Caroline is really enjoying this toolkit…so much so that Carson has been taking an interest as of late, too! 
Interested in learning more? You can find her page on Facebook and follow her Instagram, where she posts ideas on how to use the Toolkit, different tips and tricks, etc.  
Carrie has graciously offered Hello! Happiness readers a 15% discount to use on their purchase as well… input code SAVE15 through 8/31/15. 


Tuesday night, Mimi and I gathered our little dolls and headed on an afternoon road trip to head east to the Wilson County Fair! They have enjoyed going each year and though we had to dodge some crazy weather, we made it out and enjoyed the night with yummy treats and sweets, loads of rides, and the best girls’ night we’ve had in awhile. So much laughing and giggles and pure enjoyment from both CC and Nugget and a night Mimi and I won’t soon forget! 

FOUR. Pineapple Love 
Pineapples sure do make for a happy fruit, wouldn’t you agree? I can’t lie… I am itching to go to Hawaii to tour the Dole factory and see them in their prime real estate, but I’ll settle for $1 each at my grocery store this week instead. Since I brought it home, I’ve been finding all sorts of pineapple recipes to do some taste testing: Mango Pineapple Salsa, a Hawaiian Grilled Cheese, Pineapple Lemonade, and Pineapple Sunshine Cake all sound like winners to me!

FIVE. Proud to Be From Tennessee 

Talk about super soft, casual staple items for the wardrobe, AND supports another local business woman… sign me up! I met Jill via Little Bits Nashville for coffee a few weeks ago and we instantly connected. She is motivated and has so many creative thoughts that I wish I had half her talent… she started Little Bits recently and it’s exploding all over Nashville. From stationery note cards to tea towels to Tennessee clothing for babies, kids, and adults, I am LOVING what she is bringing to Nashville! And they give back to some amazing organizations so when you support them you support our city, too. 

  1. Love those pins and also your girls are just precious!

  2. That kindergarten toolkit looks like a great resource!

  3. I love pineapples too. I just learned that there is an enzyme in them that combats the affects of gluten intolerance. Who knew. Thanks for sharing this post. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

  4. Amanda Klein says:

    Loving your five!! You feel the way about pineapple that I feel about peaches right about now 🙂 Also, those photos of the houses – making me want to redo every room in ours. Oh, faux antler heads, you get me every time…

  5. I've been a pinterest browser for pretty recently as well. I think I go through phases with pinterest. I LOVE that colorful pink room! The fair looks like so much fun! What great memories. We are a pineapple eating family – usually we don't get past cutting it up – it goes fast. We love it on pizza (with red peppers and onions – our vegetarian version of Hawaiian pizza). Happy weekend!

  6. Hi Natasha – I love the kindergarten tool kit. I will most definitely check it out! And my kids love the fair too. I'm looking forward to when they can actually begin participating! Not to mention the food I can stuff my face with. 🙂 Well, this is my first time linking up, would love it if you stopped by for a visit. I'm not a new blogger, but this blog is new. Have a happy weekend!

  7. Love this post! Pigtail braids are the best!!! :):)

  8. that first pin and my first thought "That's a laundry room?!!!!!!!!!" wowzers!

    I think I might have to get that kinder toolkit! seems pretty affordable especially with the discount. Thank you for sharing

  9. Rosen Rose says:

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  10. I am in love with that laundry room. I wouldn't mind that as my kitchen.

    Also the lucite bedside table with the silver pop of color from the lamp is gorgeous! Love these pins.

    I recently re-organized our dining room bookshelf/china cabinet and am in-love with the use of a bright spot of color like that blue wallpaper in the laundry room. http://www.peonyandgrahams.com/2015/07/the-great-bookshelf-edit.html

  11. I am loving all those pins – the bright colors and designs are gorgeous! What a fun day at the fair too! Xo, Stephanie

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