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The Monthly Lineup: August 2015


August 27, 2015

In the efforts to share with you more of the real stuff, life rambling, the products I use daily, what I’m reading, and everything occupying my mind, I have come up with “The Monthly Lineup”… a monthly show and tell dedicated to sharing a few snippets of things I’m loving/using/wanting/thinking about. First up, August… since we are almost over and done with already: 

WHAT I’M WEARING: Anything from Shop the Mill 

I’ve talked about my love of this local boutique before and I am pretty much obsessed with their collection of clothing and accessories… You can see their Instagram page here and they are in the process of putting the finishing touches on their website so shopping will be that much easier… ugh oh! Amazing prices and the best on-trend fashion with fantastic customer service… these sisters know how to rock it! 
I just finished this quick read the other night… let’s just say it didn’t take long to get me hooked on this thriller of a read… it reminds me a lot of the books by Gillian Flynn [Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, and Dark Places] in that each chapter is told by a different character and I loved every bit of it… a great read and one that you won’t be able to put down! Next up, Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty

WHAT I’M THINKING: Vacation is Coming… Welcome to Miami! 

One week and counting until the Stoneking and Grunke couples take over the greatness that is Miami! I cannot wait… adult vacation time is always a fun excuse to play with your best friends and I’m so excited for this trip with just the four of us. Based on some AMAZING recommendations sent from a lot of friends, readers, and acquaintances, we have reservations all lined up for our big trip, too… Dinners at Barton G and STK Miami, brunch at The Delano Hotel, and other local eateries we’ve got to hit up for breakfast and lunches, too! Us girls are itching to get some shopping done, to relax on the beach, and to savor some quality time together!! And to top it off, we are staying at 1 Hotel South Beach which looks like heaven on earth. 

WHAT I’M CRAVING: Cobbler, any kind of cobbler… 

Can you tell I have fall on the brain?? I need to start sifting through my favorite fall recipes and pull out the winners so I can start my baking ASAP. Blackberry and apple are always a hit with the hubby and the kiddos, especially when you add in some vanilla ice cream on top! 

WHAT I’M LOVING: Fall Looks and Booties

I might have had to buy a second pair of my favorite booties from last year because I love them that much. Let’s face it… when you find something you love, you should always buy two of them, right?!?! They are the most confy winter boots I’ve ever owned and they literally go with everything… plus my go-to wardrobe stylist picked them out the first time so I know we would approve :). Find them here
Also, all the warm, fuzzy sweaters, wraps, jackets, hats, and jeans are calling my name!! Give me a cup of something hot and I’ll be good to go… fall fashion has to be one of my favorite seasons for playing dress up, while still being absolutely comfortable. 

WHAT I’M WATCHING: Parenthood on Netflix
Jeff and I finally gave in to the hoopla of Netflix… him being TV obsessed has been on it nonstop watching series after series, though I am a slow adapter to change it seems. I have started watching Parenthood after countless recommendations, though, and I can’t lie, I am loving this family drama series already. A little less “reality” television is good for the soul. 

WHAT I’M PLANNING: Scheduling, Fall Family Fun, Quality over Quantity
Fall is swarming with so much on our calendar already so I am trying to really sit down and plan accordingly… how many football games to go to, how many festivals we “actually” need to attend, etc. Don’t worry, there is plenty to plan… a baby shower, Christmas Village for Sugar Bit, and loads of holiday travel, too. I want to savor it all! I’m using my new found Tess Elle Creative Daily Planner to keep track of everything family-related and her Daily Pad to jot down daily to-dos so I can tackle them head on. 

Check back to next month to see what kept my attention in September! 

  1. Lindsay says:

    Which colors of the booties do you have? 🙂

  2. Olivia Ellen says:

    Just finished Parenthood myself. So sad it's over! Make sure you have tissues handy, some of the episodes are tear-jerkers. Season 6 is on on-demand for now 🙂

  3. Jess Scott says:

    I LOVED Big Little Lies!!! I think we have the same taste in books, so you will love it, too!! I have been checking out this planner you've been speaking of lately! I might have to try it!

  4. TNgirl says:

    Big Little Lies is a great book! I flew through it.

  5. TNgirl says:

    Big Little Lies is a great book! I flew through it.

  6. You will LOVE, love "Parenthood!" I am so sad the show is over; I got so obsessed with it! It will make you laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh.

  7. Amanda Klein says:

    We are twinsie readers 🙂 I've read all the ones you listed above – including Big Little Lies! Funny story about the show Parenthood – I saw a couple episodes on a plane (the NBC universal channel on American) last year, so I came back home and watched the latest Netflix season, and after I finished that, I watched the season before, then the season before that – like totally BACKWARDS, until I had watched all the seasons, ha! Can't lie, it was a fun way to watch it!!

  8. I've read all those also . Great reads.
    Fridays Fashions link up.

  9. I read Girl on a Train in like 2 days – it was so good! I would definitely like to read Gone Girl.

  10. Girl on a Train is next in the stack of books on my nightstand! I've heard Parenthood is great, but our Netflix (Barbados) doesn't have it yet 🙁 ~Ree

  11. Your line up pretty much sums up my rambles this month too. I finished Girl on the Train on a train from London to Paris, it was perfect (and it's a fantastic read!) I just wish the weather in Florida would get a little cooler so I could jump on the fall blogger bandwagon. – Julie @ Everyday Happiness Blog

  12. We had homemade blueberry cobbler for dessert tonight and it was out of this world!! Also, I read The Girl on the Train a few months ago and loved it!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  13. Can't wait to hear what you think of the new book youre reading. Looking for a new good read & loved girl on a train!


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