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Life with Caroline and Carson || October 2015


October 6, 2015

Life gets crazy… hectic, over-scheduled, and it’s a sink or swim mentality for me right now in this season of life. Always telling myself “the days are long, but the years are short”. 
I was skimming through pictures from this year and it made my heart hurt to know I haven’t been more proactive about taking pictures of the girls in their “natural state”, doing the things they love most and me bookmarking these moments in time. With that, one afternoon last week, we headed outside for some neighborhood exploring… letting them run wild, throw sticks in the pond, and us savoring the last bit of goodness we could before the leave start to change and fall comes. 

Wanted to post a little update about my two gals and everything they are into these days: 

Caroline Cate || 3.5 Years Old 

My big-hearted girl with the sweetest disposition I ever did see. You are genuinely kind, a snuggler by nature, and have a vivacious spirit that I hope will continue and grow. You are inquisitive, and talk non-stop and it amazes me how much you soak up the world around you. You are always asking me questions, and LOVE to learn… reading, working puzzles, playing dress up, tea party, and painting are favorites as of late and you love anything girly. You started ballet class a few months ago and instantly took to it… to see you in your little leotard and skirt each week brings me so much joy and you love seeing your teacher Ms. Maureen while running into the house as soon as you return to tell me all you worked on in class. You love your little sister most days, but are still infatuated with your best friend Annie at school and you two seem to do everything together which makes my heart happy to know you’ve found a sweet friend while attending MDO, too. Your favorite colors are blue and purple, love to drink “fancy” lemonade, enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with popcorn and a movie, and love to get dressed up everyday, especially when you can find a maxi to wear. Favorite foods include yogurt smoothies, chicken nuggets, edamame, big pancakes that daddy makes on the weekends, and “banilla” ice cream with sprinkles for a special treat. 

Carson Elizabeth || 2.25 Years Old
WILD CHILD…sometimes it scares me because when I see you, it’s almost like looking in the mirror to know that I am going to get paid back for all the years my parents couldn’t get any sleep. You may look charming and innocent on the exterior my little firecracker, but you are a force to be reckoned with and I know you are going to be a BIG handful for your daddy and I. Forever a mama’s girl with the desire to ALWAYS have me by your side, you’re my mini me, though you look identical to Mimi from her baby pics. You have the loudest giggle in the world and that BIG grin melts my heart, hence why I am a pushover when it comes to disciplining you…yes, terrible twos are a thing at our house right now and it’s something fierce I tell you! You are talking ALL the time and you’re starting to put more and more sentences together… way to go little bit! You are always two steps behind your big sister and emulating her is your favorite thing to do. Thankfully, she is always your advocate and forever helping you using the potty, cleaning up, getting dressed, and assisting you with reading books each day. Favorites include pasta [still], peanut butter sandwiches, fresh watermelon, raisins, granola, popsicles, and anything that’s super messy… because you love bath time! 

Thankful for this season of fun and everything that’s to come this fall… many weekends spent with family and loved one celebrating all sorts of special occasions, pumpkin patches and fall festivals, and savoring the time we have together baby girls. Mama loves you the mostest in the WHOLE world! 

  1. The girls are beautiful

  2. Amanda Klein says:

    Adorable!! After living in Scottsdale the past five years, it still never ceases to amaze me how GREEN the South is!! We are loving our first fall here in Alabama, but I know that it won't be green much longer! Great pics, nice job blowing out the background! So much fun to read about two little ones so close in age – darling!

  3. Beautiful kiddos! And of course I love that they are always matching, accessories and all!

  4. Two precious little girls! It's so great that they have each other to play with (and fight with sometimes to I'm sure)!

  5. Jillian says:

    ahhh they are SO cute! this makes me want to give violet a sibling 😉 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  6. Jess Scott says:

    They are so pretty, Natasha! I have to be better about taking my real camera out…I feel like most of our pictures are of Louise in her bumbo and Cameron on his iPad. Yikes!! I can't believe how different your girls are…and I can't believe how big they are! I remember when you were pregnant with CC!

  7. Sarah says:

    Your girls are adorable!!! They look like twins!! 🙂

    Girl, I am in your same boat! I also have two little girls, ages 3 and 2 (they're 16 months apart). My youngest is also my crazy wild child who is constantly keeping me on my toes. My older one is so calm and so curious about the world around her. It's amazing how different children can be!!

    And as much work as this season is, I really don't want it to end!! My heart just explodes thinking about my two little ladies 🙂

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  8. Nat says:

    They are so adorable! Love those dresses!

  9. What sweet sweet girls you have! They could be twins 🙂

  10. gosh they look so much alike!! definitely agree with you on slowing down to just enjoy the everyday things….what sweetie pies 🙂

  11. Cannot believe how big they are getting! If I remember correctly I started reading your blog just after y'all brought Carson home from the hospital! So crazy it goes so quickly – they're both so precious!!

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