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a day in the life || part one


May 3, 2016

You’ve been asking and I’ve been putting it off for far too long, but I am coming through FINALLY… better late than never! It’s here, my fabulous so exciting day in the life post [hence my sarcasm??]. And yes, I am being dramatic because you’re either about to be bored OR think I am crazy… hell, maybe both. 

6:15AM: Wake-up time! I would like to say I wake up chipper and perky, but that would be a blatant lie. Basically, my eyes are exhausted, my husband is too loud while he gets ready, so I figure I better get up before the girls do. Instantly, I make the bed [because an unmade bed makes my type-A self crazy], brush my teeth, make myself a HUGE cup of coffee and then hit the shower so I don’t scare anyone. 

no filter, no retouching… I’m brave, right????!?! this is the “before”
 and “the after”… I will give props to you out there who don’t need or like to wear makeup, but I do and it hides my under-eye circles from exhaustion
 it takes a small village… low maintenance = not me [and yes, I own it]
6:45AM: Caroline and Carson are UP! It sounds like a pure, chaotic circus once the little ones rise and shine… full-on breakfast time, chasing them down to take vitamins and brush their teeth, make their beds, etc… it’s a tornado, but we usually manage! Then it’s a little bit of TV time as we get Lulu out, and let Chloe out in the yard.. yes, remember our dog Chloe… the one you laugh about because I never “show” her. Well, look there she is! She truly does exist. 

7:15AM: Today just happens to be a school day for the girls so then it’s prep time for lunches… thank goodness for pasta, PB&J or ham sandwiches and chicken nuggets as acceptable forms of nutrition at Mother’s Day Out or else my kids would starve. And did you know that fruit and veggie pouches count as a vegetable? Only the best for Caroline and Carson. 

P.S. seersucker backpacks via Chic-a-Dee Embroidery and Food Containers via PBKids

That’s when daddy usually heads out the door, we say our goodbyes, and then we sit down to watch Good Morning America while we work on a puzzle, play a game, and start the day’s activities… throwing laundry in the washer, picking up toys and clutter left out from the night before, scheduling our plans/to-dos for the day, etc. 
8AM: Kara arrives and she and I usually have a 5-10 minute “pow wow” to talk about their schedule for the day, outings/playdates/visits to the library, museum, etc and then I head to work right down the hall! I know it’s a luxury having the opportunity to work from home with a small business of my own… but it’s also mighty tempting because my babies are just a few feet away!

just the normal desk necessities: money, stationery, a selfie stick, 
PB and apple for my snack, and coffee… random, huh?!?!

9-11:30AM: On today’s agenda… finishing up my quarterly taxes, writing thank-you notes to everyone’s orders going out today, dropping off packages to the post office, drafting a few blog posts, catching up on emails, inputting inventory into our system, and crafting social media posts for the week. The girls are off to MDO today from 9am to 2pm so Kara is helping me with Sugar Bit tasks and household errands [picking up the dry cleaning, doing the girls’ laundry, going to the bank, etc]. 
12-1PM: Gym Training Session. I wish I was able to make it to the gym as much as I used to [or want to], but these days it’s something I have to cram in when my schedule allows. I’m thankful for weekly training sessions with my friend Julie and our trainer Brian at the YMCA… he busts us and keeps us doing all sorts of crazy moves, rotations, and workout routines to keep us from crying out in pain! It’s a good way to hold me accountable, too. 
Stay tuned for part two AKA the other crazy part of my day… 
  1. Tammy says:

    We start our morning early as well. I am an early riser by habit and coffee is always my 1st go to in the morning.

  2. Beth Kohler says:

    Love that I've found someone else who feels as though makeup is a must (and appreciates those who go without it) and admits that low maintenance is not their thing! 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Traci says:

    I really enjoy post like these, its nice to see how another mother does her daily routine. Ps. You look beautiful first thing in the morning, I wish I woke up like that.

  4. I love reading how people spend their day…especially mamas, given that some day I will be one!

  5. I had no idea that you had a dog! She's adorable. 🙂

  6. nelle monaco says:

    i love this post! and i agree- i wish i was a morning person as well 🙂

  7. Kayln Stahel says:

    You totally need to post a hair curling tutorial too, it always looks AMAZING!!! And a skincare one!!! Love this post 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. I love these posts! Your hair is fab, and I love that you just own being high(er) maintenance. 🙂 You are so disciplined to get that much work done in just a couple of hours, too. I get SO distracted when I sit down to work. Can't wait to see Part 2.

  9. Love these posts, and hoping I get around to one soon… You look totally gorgeous in your 'before' photo.. And I have serious arm-envy friend!! x

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