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Rosemary Beach Rewind… Days 3 and 4


May 19, 2016

Monday morning came fast as the boys headed up before the sun to hit their fishing charter and set sail on the open seas… have I mentioned how many times Jeff begs me to go with him?? Thank gosh Christian and Nick have their sea legs, whereas this lady sure does not! 
That morning, us ladies headed to the beach for a bit to catch some rays, take a few walks along the shore, and dig for sandy treasure AKA seashells! The boys came back right after lunchtime with all their fresh catch, including grouper and snapper and got to work, preparing for a dinner of fish galore while us gals lounged by the pool sipping on fruity cocktails! 

 loving my new Hayden Reis Palm Beach Tote and Watermelon Wristlet
made of sailcloth so it’s washable AND water/sand resistent!
 little bit going to town and building away

 that face says it all… not a fan of mommy’s endless picture taking

Late afternoon rolled around and we got ready for our family photo session with Amy Riley. We were lucky in that it was clear skies, mild temps, and happy babies [for the most part!]… a few sneak peaks have been sent and I cannot wait to share all of them soon! 
That night, the kids headed to bed and we relaxed with a late night adult dinner outside on the porch… sure, our evenings at the beach sure have changed, but we don’t mind one bit! 

 colorful accessories for our photos
 my favorite new maxi dress [sold out in pink, but available in black]

Tuesday morning rolled around and it was a bit cloudy, so we decided to rest from the beach and pool and do a little shopping around Rosemary! The girls and I hit up local shopping favs Fitz and Emme, Ophelia Swimwear, Gigi’s Fab Kids, and Shop LMN before heading to La Cocina to meet the boys for lunch!

love my little brooks-a-roni!
afternoon cam jam session on the lawn… P.S. that is HARD and not my best sport
That night, we got ready and we all headed to The Red Bar for dinner… AKA the perfect place for family dining, as it’s loud with music, fun atmosphere, and my favorite 5 dishes! We were lucky to meet Clarice the Macaw while we waited for our table and the girls were in heaven. After dinner, we all walked to the beach to take some group pics before heading to our absolute favorite, Sugar Shak, for an ice cream treat! 

 yellow dress [sold out but available in pink]|| sunglasses 

 Tuttie is forever asking to sit next to her Aunt Bev
they each “needed” a picture with the gold mermaid statue

 my little family… the real life scenes of trying to contain toddlers 

Our final few days is coming up soon…stay tuned for the end recap of our trip! 

  1. Toni :O) says:

    We LOVED La Cocina when we visited that area on your recommendation last year. Next time we'd like to go further West to Destin. ?

  2. So much fun! I can't wait to visit there one day! Love the new blog design 🙂

  3. I love the dresses on your girls in all the pictures! They are the cutest!

  4. Sam Randall says:

    Hey Natasha 🙂 Just loving the recap of your holiday. Your kids make me smile. You do too!! I really like your new blog design, one thing though is when I look at your photo's I usually go through them at the end by making them bigger and then clicking through them all. Well the problem I'm finding is the border at the top of your blog is staying and it blocks out the top of the photo. Does that make sense?? Not sure if there's anything you can do.
    Sam xo


  5. Erin Motes says:

    Adorable! I loved reading about what all y'all did. We stay in Destin every year, but reading your posts always make me want to experience 30A! 🙂
    Also, I'm going to call dibs on the Three Sisters Purple Passion Bloomer Set if you decide to sell! Hate I missed out on that one!!

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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