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Confessions… Round Four


June 29, 2016

One || In my next life, I want to be a full-time party planner… or maybe open a Sugar Bit storefront and include party decor and design as an offering for customers. I know, I have too many ideas popping around in my head these days… make it stop!

Two || I’ve been slacking on the skin care routine lately… so many products to use morning and at night and I am lucky if I shower daily. I really should focus my efforts on treating dark circles. Basically, if I wash my face before hitting the bed, I call that a success. I know, I need to be better.

Three || I’m  not a fan of the hashtag #blessed… there I said it. I don’t feel “blessed” in life, I feel like we bust our butts for what we have. I guess that word just seems like it is so overused these days as a way to almost humble brag about what you have, etc… am I the only one?!?!

Four|| If I could be any of the Real Housewives, I would choose Bethenny Frankel. I admire her for always being able to say what’s on her mind and not hold back… a little brash, yes, but certain situations call for that and I wish I didn’t shy away from confrontation. And of course I wouldn’t mind being an alcohol mogul either.

Five || I’m so scared for the presidential race… let’s just say I am not a fan of either candidate and I think we are screwed either way. And no, I am not trying to start a political debate, I am simply saying our choices stink.

Six || I’m helping a friend decorate her new house and it has been a lot of fun. Yes, I use a designer for my own home, because I get nervous and cannot commit unless I have someone guiding me and telling me to follow my gut instinct [and because Kendall just totally rocks], but it’s fun to provide some help for others wanting to make their house a “home” and showing them ways to save. I know, taking on more, what is wrong with me?!?!?! I’m totally crazy.

Seven ||  Ya’ll want to see something funny?? This is a good one. Ummm, I made a hilarious mistake a few weeks ago when I wore this dress backwards… and had no idea until I saw Courtney Kerr wearing it at a media event… I’m just SO fashion forward I was making a statement… blonde moment! 

Eight || Carson is anti-potty training and I think it’s my fault… I have slacked this go around with nugget, and pushed it off for as long as possible. This week, we’ve been working on it and stepping up our potty game, but it’s exhausting. Caroline was so easy, and yet my little one is giving me a run for my money in this department. Parenting fail for sure.

Confessions… I’m not Catholic, but they sure do feel good to get off your chest! What about you, anything you’re dying to tell???

  1. Samma says:

    Ha, I like the dress backwards!!

  2. Ami says:

    Love the story about your dress! Hilarious! Always love your confession posts! Keeping it real 🙂

  3. Ashley… sorry if I offended you, but I don't know why you were so quick to remove your comment, so I will address it seeing as I was able to read it as you published it.
    My issue with the word #blessed is when people use it in a sub-context and basically just humble brag about all the things they have. Funny enough, one of my friends emailed me this morning to talk about the word "blessed" and I can absolutely see a different perspective on it… it's just simply MY opinion.
    In addition, I'm not saying Catholics are the only ones who confess, though Catholicism is particularly known for openly discussing their confessions… I'm saying it's good for all of us as well.

    As for "luxury living", Jeff and I have done well, but that also comes with many sacrifices and a lot of work.
    Sorry if I came across as insincere, these are just ramblings as I see them… nothing more, nothing less.

  4. E Hayes says:

    Not sure what the other poster brought up so I hope I'm not offending either, but I too don't like the whole hashtagsoblessed nonsense. Unless it's, 'we made it out of a car accident without so much of a scratch #soblessed' it just is annoying when it's 'look at my 10 adorable all clean and smiling children posed in matching outfits and edited to look like a catalog shoot #soblessed' humblebrag is the best way to put it.

    And the dress made me laugh when I clicked to see how it was supposed to be worn.

    • Oh you're not offending AT ALL… everyone is totally entitled to their own opinion on the matter! And yes, I LOVE your clarification… there are blessings all around us… VERY good perspective my friend!
      oh yes… that just goes to show I will never be a fashion blogger 😉

  5. Darcy Potter says:

    Okay not a confession, but I want to see a full house tour! Your last house was adorable and the snippets you have shown thus far on your new home are AMAZING and I would love to see more (though I am one to talk…lol 😉 PS. I think confessing to anything is so refreshing in the bloggers and social media world! (oh I miss #confessionalfridays by a blonde ambition if you ever followed her)

    • a full house tour?!?!?! i wish i could show everything, but sadly you wouldn't want to see rooms that havent been decorated, right??

      and yes, I agree… some confession feels good!!! oh how I miss Leslie's posts and her sweet self… she was a good one.

    • Darcy Potter says:

      Too funny 🙂 I am sure all your "non-decorated" rooms are fabulous as well!

      I love following your blog and for keeping it real!

  6. Too funny about the dress mix up. You were just repurposing it for extra uses.
    And being an alcohol mogul totally wouldn't hurt =)

  7. Klein Dot Co says:

    Bethenny, YES! Also, you seem to have lots in common with her being moms and business owners and so self motivated. I love looking back at the old RHONY episodes when she was first starting out and growing her business and how hard she worked for every single thing – plus she has impeccable taste.

  8. brittany says:

    ha!!! i actually really like the dress backwards!! and i've always had a thing for bethenny, too. she's impressive. was bummed when her marriage didn't last, but… not a shocker. haha.

  9. agreed… my heart hurt for her, but i bet she is a bit challenging to live with as well!

  10. Marion says:

    I seldom feel the need to comment on a blog, but today's resonated with me in so many ways -and then I got to point eight and fell over laughing! I was lucky, child one was easy to train and child two was even easier (I chalk that up to the fact that plotting world domination is harder when you need someone to carry you everywhere and to change your diapers- so she stood up, walked, and hit the potty chair!) Then I figured out who trained child number two…let's just say that it might have been a little easier if child number one had also been a little girl…ah, well, a little adjustment in technique and we were good to go. Also good to know that she can always turn to her brother for advice.
    And aren't you clever-as well as frugal- finding a dress that you can wear two different ways and have two totally different looks! A definite win, in my books.
    Re helping others decorate their homes- totally easier than decorating your own. I am in the midst of painting inside and out; thank goodness for a patient painter!
    Politics, so true. Whatever happened to the days when the best and the brightest went into public service? Probably happened about the same time politics became about personalities and private lives rather than about policy.
    #blessed/ vs humble brag. Yup, I am so there with you. I also believe that we work darned hard to earn our good fortune. "The Lord helps those who help themselves." Am I luckier than most? Probably. Have I earned it? Maybe. Do I appreciate it? DEFINITELY.
    Skin care. Yeah, I could definitely do better there. But I like to think back (way back) to a college boyfriend who said, out of nowhere, that he liked the lines around my eyes; they showed that I was a happy person!

  11. Unknown says:

    I dunno, maybe the annoyance over the #soblessed hashtag for me stems more over people documenting EVERYTHING over social media! Look at my new car, my new clothes, my new house, my new boat, my new yada yada. I get annoyed at the mass consumerism splashed all over social media regardless of the hash tags they use, quite frankly. It can definitely be a blessing, but man if it ain't on the 'gram then it didn't happen, right?? Take a step back and just enjoy it! Obviously I have a BIG opinion on that one, haha!

  12. Kelly-Belly says:

    Don't be too hard on yourself about the potty training. I've heard it is better to wait until they are really, really ready and then it will go better. Good luck mama!
    Backwards or forwards, you look beautiful as always!!! 🙂

  13. Confessions posts are among my favorite! Totally agree with you on #blessed and the presidential election…eeek! Also, I love that dress, backwards or not!

  14. Vanessa says:

    Oh #blessed…ahhhh! I only like it when used sarcastically! 😉 And only you could wear a dress backwards and make it adorable!!!

  15. I LOVE Confessions – and these are too funny! I am a full time party planner (small scale) and sometimes I want to run and hide… But you would totally rock the job! Love the dress on you x

  16. Love love it all! Thank you for being honest and real. And I could not agree with you more on our political choices!! xo

  17. Love love it all! Thank you for being honest and real. And I could not agree with you more on our political choices!! xo

  18. I don't like #Blessed either! It is a pet peeve of mine because it sounds like people are bragging! Don't like it at all. Glad I'm not the only one!! Also I love Bethany Frankel too and that's pretty hilarious that you wore that dress backwards 😉


  19. It is also a pet peeve of mine #blessed!! I feel evil for feeling that way, but it's SO annoying. It's just being used wrong. I mean, if you're in a good spot in life, or you're having a good moment- just say that… "Enjoying these moments" People just get lazy and use the same phrases instead of getting a little more accurate. IDK. I also think some people say it a lot to make sure everyone knows they're a faithful Christian, and look at them for being so good. lol

  20. Haven't read your blog in the longest time so just spent some time catching up! Always so inspired by your decorating skills and I'd love it if you'd just hop on a plane and come do my house in the UK, OK? As for the #blessed hashtag, here's my 1p worth. As a believer in Jesus I think it's good and it's right to lift all things to him and thank him for everything, even though we work hard for what we have I believe he gives us opportunities to have to to give back, in the quiet times with just him and me. Not necessary for everyone to see every little thing I'm grateful for, its a need to know basis. Happy to have caught up with you as I believe God put you on my heart when I first found your blog to pray blessing on you and yours, #ironic 🙂 haha Lizzie xxx

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