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November 4, 2016

one. halloween 2016 recap

I took so few pictures, it didn’t warrant an entire post… sad, right?!?!?! It could be that my littles were so amped up on sugar that I could barely catch them, so yes, we will go with that. Original plans were changed right before trick-or-treating, so Caroline decided against Elena of Avalor and went back to old faithful Elsa, while our little genie stayed true to her love of all things Jasmine.
We had a few friends and Mimi and Pappy over and Jeff made chili… we headed out in the neighborhood around 6PM and made our way in the chilly [haha yeah right, it was 85 degrees] and then came home to hand out more goodies to the other trick-or-treaters… a fun night of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins!

two. 15 ways to show gratitude this month

Since Tuesday, the girls and I have been taking thankfulness and gratitude and I can’t help but smile at the things they have already said they are thankful for.. Caroline of course started out strong with “God” as her answer the very first day, while Carson mentioned that she was thankful for her makeup… you win some, you lose some. I stumbled upon this article the other day and wanted to share… 15 Ways to Show Gratitude This Month via The Glitter Guide.

three. recent fall finds

I’ve been doing a bit of closet cleanout over the past few weeks, so I treated myself to a couple new items here and there of new pretty and colorful tones for fall. Here are a handful of new looks and goodies I added to the wardrobe:

four.  one room challenge
Do any of you follow the One Room Challenge for design bloggers???!?! It’s been in existence for a few years now and I get SO excited to watch these bloggers design an entire room, from start to finish, in just a mere six weeks… CRAZY right? I’ve been watching the latest round of rooms and there are a few I am absolutely LOVING… listing their links below for you to checkout too.

five. holiday gift guides: what do YOU want to see?!?!?! 

You know it’s coming… the endless gift guides from every blogger under the sun, and I will absolutely be participating, because you know I love any good reason to shop online and help you find the best gifts of the season, BUT I am here to ask you what you want to see in these roundups: help me help you. Looking for tech gifts, tell me… want something a bit more special and unique? Leave a comment below. Needing to surprise the kids’ teachers with something other than what everyone else will gift?? I can tackle that, too. Come on, I am a problem solver/shopper so send me all your wants and wishes šŸ™‚

  1. I would love a gift guide for the husband who already has everything and in-laws! There were seriously only 2 things I was planning to buy him for Christmas but ding dong has already gone and bought them for himself! I always have the hardest time buying for my MIL for some reason, too so that might be helpful! šŸ™‚

  2. First year buying teacher gifts so I would love unique ideas! Also, my parents always say they don't want us to spend any money on them but who can do that! I always have a hard time finding a combined gift they would both enjoy! I would love to here suggestions!!!

  3. Tara Smith says:

    Hey! What size did you get in the moto leggings? I have seen them on other blogs and have loved them! I just wasn't sure about the size and length since I'm only 5'1".

    Also, I always love your gift guides this time of year šŸ™‚

  4. My dad is always the hardest person to buy for!! Ideas for that would be great!

  5. Hi! I would love to see your gift guides! For me, something small (inexpensive) to buy the teachers at Daycare. And something (also inexpensive) to buy a few coworkers.
    And ofcourse I'm always looking for new ideas for the hubby and the inlaws! Sooo many people to shop for – I better start now!

  6. Kelly says:

    First — I am super happy about your closet cleanup, too – got the maxi dress in the mail yesterday so I'm wearing it out today! Yay! (And thank God it's finally a little cooler… I seriously wore white shorts and a swimsuit coverup yesterday to the mall and it felt so bizarre as they were blasting Christmas carols.)

    Secondly — gift guides! So excited for these! My requests are: 1. That they be earlier in the season than last-minute (because I'm trying to get on my shopping intentionally early), 2. Items for dads/grandads/husbands (seconding Taylor Blount here), and 3. Items for grandmas, and 4. Items for friends that are actually useful. I feel like I'm bad about just getting placeholder gifts and not things that really mean something… but that could be hard to translate to a more general guide since they're not necessarily PERSONAL. Hmm! Gifting is hard!

  7. I would love to see a gift guide for the in-laws! One for the MIL & FIL. Especially for the ones who already have everything!

  8. Sheela Goh says:

    I'm in love with that mustard + fuschia combo. What a heavenly palette!!

    p/s My weekly Project Sister Act Link-Up is now live on the blog, and Iā€™d love for you to come by and join in xoxo

  9. Ihla Stanton says:

    Budget friendly gifts!!

  10. I would love a gift guide for mothers-in-law too! Mine is so hard to shop for. She doesn't love fancy stuff, doesn't drink and isn't into clothing. I'm lost!

  11. Unknown says:

    My 13 year old daughter wants an android smart watch. Any suggestions?

  12. laina says:

    Where is the shirt from that you wore on halloween? Also way back at Carson's birthday party you wore the cutest blouse! Would love to know where that was from too!!!!

  13. Alaina says:

    Would love gift guides for the kiddos! You always have good suggestions and maybe some girl and boy toys this year! ?

  14. I'm obsessed with your old navy finds! I've already added the blouse and velvet pants to my shopping cart! Thanks for sharing them and keep the great finds coming!

  15. The cutest princesses for Halloween!! And definitely a gift guide for the husband who has everything and wants for nothing! x

  16. Nicole says:

    I'm catching up on blogs so i'm totally late, but I would love a post on teacher/nanny gifts. My girls go to an in home daycare a few days/week and I would love some ideas. I would also love to know things you have gotten for your girls in years past. My girls are a little younger than yours (almost 4 and almost 2), so I think knowing what you did for them last year would be helpful. Knowing what other families do for gift giving is always fun! We are trying the something you need, want, something to read and something to wear. Love to hear what traditions other families have! Thanks, love following along!

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2024 favs

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