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The Personal Stuff: All About My Breast Augmentation


January 26, 2017

Breast augmentation 101 featured by top US life and style blogger, Natasha of Hello! Happiness


What a catchy title, right?!?!?! Hahaha… direct and to the point. Forgive me for being so straightforward, but I figured let’s clear the air and get a bit personal… if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I am a girl that’s pretty upfront, so I wanted to be sure to touch on this topic to offer up my personal experience in terms of this type of surgery, why I decided to have breast augmentation and to help anyone else out there who may be on the fence about this procedure and wanting some extra information from someone who’s gone through it.

Breast Augmentation 101: all the Info you Need to Know

1) Why Did You Decide to Get Breast Augmentation? 

I have thought about getting a breast augmentation since my early 20s. I have a fairly petite frame [5’4″/120 pounds] and have always been smaller on top, which I actually liked. I did a ton of “internet research” when I was 22/23, looking into the breast augmentation procedure and ultimately decided at that time in my life I wasn’t ready for elective surgery. Fast forward to post-delivery of two babies, and my “ladies” decided to head south for lack of a better term. It’s one thing to have small, perky breasts, but it’s another when they turn into flat pancakes and that’s when I knew I was ready to make a permanent change. You can modify/change your body when it comes to nutrition and working out, but nothing other than a padded bra was going to change the overall look of my breasts.
Breast augmentation 101 featured by top US life and style blogger, Natasha of Hello! Happiness


2) How Did You Choose Your Doctor to Get your Breast Augmentation? 

Being the type-A person that I am, I did a substantial amount of research on local plastic surgeons in Nashville. I talked to friends who had gone through the procedure, who they used, searched reputable websites [Real Self is my favorite], and made consultation appointments with five local doctors.
From those original consults, I then went back to each surgeon, asked additional questions, went through my notes, and then ultimately selected to use Dr. J. J. Wendel to perform my breast augmentation surgery.
In simplest terms, I felt the most comfortable with him and his amazing staff, he understood the end result of what I was wanting to achieve, he helped put me at ease, and it just felt right. For anyone looking locally, I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Wendel… I would absolutely recommend him and I love that he posts before/after snapshots on his website so you can see his previous work, types/shapes of implants, etc. His staff is always available to answer questions, which they did for me many times before and after my breast augmentation surgery.

3) What Size and Type of Implants Did You Get? 

OK, yes, when you go into the plastic surgeon’s office, the most exciting part for me was getting to try on the different implants, touch and feel the differences in options, etc. You know I had a ton of questions and my doctor was ready and willing to answer them in detail so I knew the ins and outs of what was going to happen during my breast augmentation surgery AND after.
Another thing that I loved is that Dr. Wendel uses a customized sizing system to select breast implants that will specifically fit my body. He asked me my height and weight; then, took a series of measurements of my chest, rib cage and body frame, including the size, shape and position of my before breasts. He used all of this to make sure the selected breasts implants would fit my body. I had gone into this thinking I wanted to be in the 300-325cc range and once Dr. Wendel worked the algorithm, 325cc was the magic number!
I chose to go with Natrelle Inspira SRF (Smooth Responsive Full Projection) Silicone Implants because they provided the best look for my body type, and are considered to be the most full/round of the options available. To put it simply, they are called “gummy” implants because they feel like gummy bears and maintain their shape. I also chose to have the incisions go under the breast (known as sub-muscular) and behind the muscle for anyone interested in those details.

4) What Was the Procedure and Recovery Like for your Breast Augmentation? 

I didn’t start getting nervous until the night before my surgery… I had never had any type of surgery before so I was anxious to say
the least. I had to be at the hospital at 6AM to check-in so Jeff and I arrived and then Mimi came, too. Basically, they started the paperwork, forms, and then got the process started and then the team of nurses, anesthesiologists, and Dr. Wendel came in to do their pre-surgery run-throughs and then surgery started promptly at 7:30AM. The last thing I remember was going into the surgery room, the doc asking me what kind of music I wanted, and boom–lights out.
Fast forward about an hour, and I was in recovery… I remember waking up feeling pretty lethargic, but loopy and happy. The nurses told me I was the most talkative patient [shocking I know] and that everything went perfectly. My doc then came to check on me before letting me rest for a few hours and then we were on our way home. I don’t remember a lot from that first day, thank you prescription medication, other than the fact that I was sore and my chest obviously felt a lot of pressure. That night, I might have sneaked a peak because I was just dying to see! When I describe what the discomfort felt like post-surgery, it reminds me
of the day after a really hard workout… just sore and tired and ready to crawl back into bed.
I took it easy and relaxed in bed for the next 2 days and took my pain medicine every 4-6 hours, but after that, I was up and on the move and back to all things “normal”. I’d have to say the hardest part for me was not picking up the girls, but they loved playing nurse with me and checking all my vital stats with their Doc McStuffins Kit.
The only thing I didn’t enjoy was having to wear this compression “belt” across my chest that helped push the girls down into the
breast pocket for a few weeks after the procedure. I then saw Dr. Wendel every few weeks after my initial post-surgery checkup and everything healed pretty quickly… all in all, I felt like the recovery period was a lot easier than I expected and I would do it
again no questions asked.

5) Why Did You Decide to Have your Breast Augmentation Surgery in December?

I had a few people ask why I chose to have my surgery in the winter so I thought I would answer. Based on my family, work, and personal schedule and obligations, December was the best time to do it. I had just completed my busy retail season with no more Sugar Bit holiday shopping events, we had already gone to Disney in the early fall, and I knew having the procedure done in winter would assure me some downtime for my implants to “settle” before spring and summer. In the end, it just worked out that way and I am glad I did it when I did. It didn’t hinder my ability to be able to participate in our family holiday events and life went on as normal!

6) Are You Happy with your Breast Augmentation Results? 

110% YES. To be honest, my only regret is not doing it sooner… I was always having the hardest time finding swimsuits, tops and dresses that worked well for my body shape and I am thankful now that I can wear these items without annoying strapless bras or worrying about my boobs looking flat. I know elective surgery isn’t for everyone, but it is something I did for ME and ME ONLY and I am so happy with my decision. I know I am still “settling” and things will continue to change, but I am just so pleased and happy I went through with my surgery.

7) What Does Jeff Think About the New Ladies?

My real life friends will get a kick out of this because they already know the background… to put it nicely, Jeff wasn’t really an advocate of me having surgery. But he also knew my mind was made up about this decision long before we ever started dating and this was something I wasn’t doing for him, but for me. Now, he would tell you he’s happy because I’m happy and that he can tell I feel so much better about myself and that is all that matters.

8) How Do Your Clothes Fit Now?

Ummm… SO much better!!!! I did need to go up a size in bras and my swim tops, but for the most part, my blouses, sweaters, shirts, and dresses fit but I have a bit more curve now…. yippee!! Here is a before and after picture of me in a swimsuit for a side-by-side comparison.

Breast augmentation 101 featured by top US life and style blogger, Natasha of Hello! Happiness: before and after pictures


My best advice for anyone thinking about having breast augmentation [or any other elective surgery for that matter] would be to do your research… the internet can be completely scary, so opt for helpful websites like Real Self where you can ask doctors questions, find doctors in your area, read reviews from others, etc. Just be diligent in your research and don’t make a hasty
As always, I am happy to answer any and all questions you have…feel free to email me at natashamassey@gmail.com or contact me on my Contact page!
  1. Amy Coose says:

    I have to say, your implants look GORGEOUS! I had mine done about 2 years ago, and I am so glad I did it as well. I went with saline, because I was so nervous about the silicone leaking, but mine don't look as good as yours and now I'm wishing I would have done the saline. Thanks for sharing your story!!

  2. Lynn Cannon says:

    You look wonderful! I got 375 cc and could have gone up honestly. Im 5'5 115lbs. I had three kids and felt the exact same way you did. I feel more like myself now! Congrats girl!

  3. rabbitheart says:

    Natasha you are beautiful inside and out! Happy to see that the surgery went well and you fulfilled a dream.

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Hey Girl! Lookin' great! I had mine done after I had my two kids and haven't regretted it once 🙂 What Kortni Jean pieces are you wearing in the above picture and what sizes? Thanks!

  5. Andrea says:

    So happy for you – you look fantastic! I've met with 3 surgeons but haven't signed on the dotted line yet. But I'm with you, over my "flap jacks" I've been left with after 2 babies and ready to feel more womanly!

  6. This is exactly what I did. I am almost 3 weeks post-op and I am loving my results so far. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. I did so much research and asked a ton of questions. Great advice and you look amazing!

  7. Georgia Glam says:

    You looked beautiful before, but you even more fabulous now 🙂 I too want to get a breast augmentation, but we are in the family planning stage so I am going to wait until after baby! So glad you shared this post today!

  8. Elise says:

    wow i love that you shared this story because it's something that so many women are thinking about and/or going through themselves. Kudos to you babe! You look fab!

  9. E Hayes says:

    This is something I've been actively looking into post-children as well, always interested, but never care enough, but now my body is just different and I know aging will pay me no benefits. Thanks for your candid responses and all the info, definitely enjoy reading about other experiences!

  10. April says:

    You look great! I am like you – small on top and even smaller post babies. I have contemplated breast augmentation but am still too scared to do it.

    April | http://thebluehydrangeas.com

  11. cwilson116 says:

    I had mine done about three years ago and I LOVE them! I also went with the silicone – 450 cc on the left and 425 cc on the right. Recovery was rough because I had a nipple lift done at the same time. However, I would totally do it again because I love them so much. ��

  12. This is amazing and you look great!!! I am definitely getting them because after 2 kids, they resemble something I make for breakfast on the weekends LOL. Thanks for all the amazing info!!

    – Mary

  13. Dylan says:

    Glad you were able to make a decision to suit your personal happiness.


  14. Becca says:

    So fun to read, I had my lift/augment done this past fall by the fabulous Dr. Gingrass at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, and I too am so glad I did it. I think fall was a great time, because when I was recovering and wearing my *fantastic* (sarcasm) sports bra I could hide in sweaters. hahaha. I was busty before my 2 kiddos, and pregnancy/nursing left me clearly on the "tennis ball in a tube sock" path of breast aging. Now with my 325s (I'm similar in height/weight to you) I'm left with some pretty fantastic boobs (nothing like being mid 30s with kids and having the rack of a 20 year old! ha!)… I'll be interested if you do another update/post around the 3 month mark, because I feel like the look of mine really changed over those first months. I love how I look in a bikini/lingerie now, but also love that when I'm just out and about no one would look at me and go "whoa! nice fakes".. Anyways, long winded way of saying congrats! 🙂

  15. Hi Natasha, thank you for sharing your experience! I also agree that doing your research for any elective surgery is key! I recently had LASIK eye surgery done and took it very seriously; you don't want complications from any surgery 🙂

  16. Maggie says:

    Good for you girl! I love how open and honest you are in this post. I always support anyone who does what is best for them! You look fab!


  17. I want to share this post with my sister because she has been contemplating getting a breast augmentation. Glad you shared your story because I think too many women hide that they went through this process.

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  18. I think it's really neat that you decided to be so open and straightforward about your procedure. I've looked into this myself being that I'm such a tall individual with broad shoulders, wider hips, and literally an A-cup chest haha! But I wouldn't want to just jump into the process, so reading this was seriously helpful! Thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  19. You go girl! Love this post and love how happy you are with the decision!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  20. Such an interesting and honest post! I've had the surgery twice before and will consider a third again too – my first was just before my wedding and the second after my second baby. I am now definitely going to do it again after this pregnancy… It changes your whole self-esteem and confidence!

    They look gorgeous friend x

  21. ] says:

    You look amazing! My good friend went through this too. You look amazing girl! Have a fabulous weekend.

    xO, Steph

  22. Emily says:

    you look great!! have a fab weekend

    xo Emily

  23. Hannah says:

    It's so funny you posted this when you did, I have been going back and forth on the idea of having mine done. After two kids and nursing for as many years, umm… yeah, they're just not the same. I'm so glad your surgery went so smoothly for you! Was your recovery time just a few days? Were you able to start lifting things [your girls] right away or did you have to wait a few weeks on that?

    • i'll be honest, that was the hardest part as i couldn't pick them up for about a month… that didn't mean we didn't have plenty of snuggle sessions and fun though!!!! overall recovery as just 2-3 days and then i was on the move 😉

  24. April Long says:

    I am on the verge of getting mine done this December and I am so thankful for your honest post. did you only have to take your pain meds for the first 2/3 days?

  25. Megan says:

    I’ve heard of women purchasing “after care” bras. Did you do this? If so, do you have recommendations? If not, do you feel a need for them? I know the doctor supplies you with one or two, but I’ve heard you can purchase more comfortable ones.

  26. Tammy Pegues says:

    Does it feel like an object in your body after the surgery? I guess what I’m asking is, does it ever feel normal after the surgery? How long will it take, if so…

    Thank you

    • natashamassey@gmail.com says:

      hi Tammy.. it felt odd for the first few weeks, but after that, no issues and now sometimes I forget they are even there… I went with the silicone and they feel very natural!

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