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let’s roll | caroline’s 6th birthday inspiration

Parties + Enteraining

January 24, 2018

It’s January… which means this mama is already in party planning mode for Caroline’s 6th Birthday Party!! For those who think I am crazy, yes I know I am, but when it comes to parties, you can’t wait until the last minute [or maybe that’s just me], but I always like to have my list of items/details well thought out prior to execution!

Since the first time I took Caroline roller skating last fall, she has been BEGGING for a skating party, so her wish is my command… plus, I might be secretly STOKED this is what she chose because it’s one of my favorite pastimes, too! And yes, here in Nashville we wore speed skates whereas Jeff swears up and down that rollerblades were cool in Knox [no I don’t believe it either].

So, I started about a month ago perusing stalking Pinterest, and then soliciting the help of my talented friend Kate via Orange Valentine Design [you can find her on IG here] to get the ball rolling on the invitations and overall color palette of pink, yellow and green! Of course, she sent back the most amazing options and then I narrowed it down to the one below…. seriously SO sweet and perfect for Caroline’s party!

Now I’ve got to tackle a few other odds and ends, like a cake [oh yes I think funfetti is in our future for this shindig], favors, the menu, and decor to make the Skate Center shine bright… oh yes, we’ve rented out the rink for the night so it’ll just be our hot mess party crew taking over and playing all the tunes we request = YIPPEE!!

Until then, you’ll find me stocking up on the necessary party goods from my go-to shop, Sweet Lulu, crushing on all the paper items and decorative props and must-haves for our big girls celebration… 

 Dotty Tablecloth |  It’s a Party Vintage Plates | Gold Acrylic Cake TopperDotty Cups |  Toot Cute Paper Straws | Party Animal Napkins

  1. Andrea Franklin says:

    I love this post. My daughter wants a roller skating party too. Do you know if this invitation will be available for others to purchase? Thanks!

    • natashamassey@gmail.com says:

      thanks Andrea!!!! i know this was a custom design she did for me so i doubt it, but i bet you can have her do a custom one for you, too!

  2. Jenny says:

    I just had my daughter’s 8th at the same place, we did 80’s themed rollerskating party. Neon colors, 80’s music, the works. Rollerskating parties are the best!

  3. Mary says:

    I grew up in Knoxville as well, and I promise that roller blades were the thing back in the day!

  4. Lauren says:

    I love this!! What a fun theme to work with. I’m a fellow planner in the midst of party prep for my little one’s bash slated for the week after Caroline’s. We’re up to our eyes in my little pony here! LOL More posts please on how the planning goes and of course the actual day of!!

    • Molly says:

      We roller skated in the ‘Sippie!
      My daughters 7th is also a skating ? party ; Feb 10th
      You are WAY ahead of me on all the party planning. But, I never thought to ask to rent out the entire center- what a great ? idea. Precious invite – Imma look up your invite friend. Keep posting how it’s progressing. Thanks!

  5. Caley says:

    Absolutely LOVE this theme!! And cannot wait to see her party come to life…
    We are in the middle of party planning too – a bunny 1st birthday, a swan 6th birthday and a ballet 4th birthday!! x

  6. Jeff is right- rollerblading was the thing to do in Knoxville! My brother transformed our tennis court into a skate park.

    • natashamassey@gmail.com says:

      HAHAHAHAHA… ok, well it has to be true… I know you wouldn’t lie!!!!! hope you’re doing GREAT friend OXOX

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2024 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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