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This Year | My Goals, Thoughts and Ambitions


January 2, 2018

Unlike previous years, I’m not setting a lofty list of those unattainable things I simply won’t reach [you know the ones I’m talking about, probably because your guilty like me and quit about 2 months in]… rather, for 2018, I’m creating a record of ideas and goals. To keep me on track, balanced and hopefully even happier than last year, I want to focus on the things that truly matter to my world… my family, friends, faith, fitness and other ideas and thoughts that can really help me to grow as a person and make life grand.
I’m also sharing a few favorite apps/ways to keep yourself [and me] on track!



Diving into each of these a bit more below:

+ Live in the Moment More | Less planning the “perfect” weekend outings for my family… more spontaneous adventures and just getting in the car and going! As a planner, I am totally one that wants my days planned out and perfectly documented in our calendar, but let’s face it, life is messy and sometimes the things you just let happen make for the best memories. Yes, it’ll be tricky for this type-A gal, but I think it could be good for all of us.

+ Start Each Day with Gratitude |  I used to get up at the same time everyday and since we’ve been out of our house, my morning routine has changed quite a bit. Back to my normal 6AM wake-up time where I can take a few minutes for myself, complete with a cup of coffee and a few minutes spent reading scripture [the First Five App is one of my go-to apps] as well as getting ready before the girls get up. I know people think I am crazy, but I actually enjoy getting up early in the mornings and getting my day started.

+ Focus on the Positive | In a world filled with comparison and constant negativity, I TRULY want to keep focusing on the positive. I feel like that energy spreads to those around you and it makes it easier to see the glass as half-full. You only live once so I am always telling my girls to think about the GOOD. Sure, we all have “bad days”, but my ambition is to make sure I am focusing on what I DO have, rather than what I DON’T have.

+ Drink More Water | High quality H2O. Better for my skin, my body, and everything else… I’ve been drinking half my body weight in water each day, but I’d like to increase that number to over 100 ounces a day! And with that, I guess I should tone it down on the champs and wine a bit, too 😉 Need an app to track your water intake?? I use Waterlogged and love it.

+ Volunteer More with My Family | I love to volunteer… and it’s a hobby that has taken a backseat in recent years, due to over-committed schedules and when life just gets complicated, but I want to instill that helping others is SO important to my girls and it starts with me giving back and making philanthropic events/organizations a priority!

+ Remember My Goals + the Big Picture | Small changes add up to big results… I say it all the time. Like don’t bite off more than you can chew… take small baby steps and then keep revising your goals AS you meet them. That’s when you feel your best because you’re checking things off your list AND making mental notes to do even more. I need to not get frustrated when I’m having a rough day or when things don’t go my way… remember to look at the big picture and focus on that instead! I recently downloaded the Strides app and it is REALLY great at helping you set your goals and it can be setup to send daily/weekly/monthly reminders as well.

+ Clean Out the Clutter | I’m pretty good at purging, but nothing like the new year rolling in to get you more jazzed to say adios to stuff you simply don’t need and/or use anymore. Whether you’re selling, donating or giving to friends, you’ll be glad you did it. There are a ton of options, but I like to tackle one thing every day. Pinterest is my go-to place for searching for daily calendars to help you clean out the bathroom cabinets, kitchen pantry, laundry room, etc.

+ More Random Acts of Kindness | Remember the movie “Pay it Forward?” It’s one of those feel-good movies that makes you think about how small gestures can change people. I’ve made lists of how I want to incorporate more acts of kindness in my day, whether it be gifting Starbucks gift cards to school workers, paying for someone’s drive thru order behind me, sending more thank-you notes, tipping more than I normally do, etc. You get the jist and I hope I can continue to offer little bits of kindness and “extra” in 2018! People notice and remember the small stuff. It’s all about being more generous and it’s an ambition that matters to me.

Ready to make it your best year yet?? I jotted down a few helpful tasks and tips to help get you on top:
+ Clean Up Your Inbox
+ Organize Your Workspace
+ Spend Your Money on Experiences
+ Call One Friend or Family Member Each Day
+ Eat a Protein Filled Breakfast
+ Try a New Fitness Class Once a Month
+ Create a Meal Plan
+ Play Music Instead of Watching TV
+ Make Your Bed Every Day
+ Always Wear Sunscreen, Even When it’s Cloudy

  1. Lauren says:

    These are great goals! I really gotta work on that water one!

  2. LJR says:

    This is a very well-written and thoughtful post about focusing on what really matters in life. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Holly says:

    We are so very similar (Type A’s unite!). My One Little Word post goes up tomorrow and we share so many of the same goals and ambitions! Good luck and Happy New Year!

  4. Caley says:

    These are so awesome, friend!! Good luck and I hope 2018 is absolutely fabulous!
    I want to do all of the above too – and have already got started! Let’s do it together x

  5. Southern & Style says:

    De-cluttering is definitely on my list for this year! We’ve got so much stuff and I just really feel strongly like we could be so much happier if our house weighed a little less!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

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