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December 3, 2018

This post is sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.

Happy Monday friends… have you recovered from the weekend of fun?? We partied it up with our godbabies in Knoxville to celebrate their 2nd birthday, but this mama is getting back into my holiday groove today.

I am here with a collaboration for my go-to bank, SunTrust. You’ve heard me exclaim their amazingness for the past two years… through saving for a home in this blog post and for small business owners in this feature.

Today, we are talking all things Holiday Vibes! Basically, I want to share with you a few ways that we try to be financially confident during this season of spending… If you’re like me, then you want to be savvy shoppers – save money while filling up your loved ones stockings with loads of Christmas joy.


Before we get too far into this, let’s talk about SunTrust—I’ve been a loyal SunTrust customer for more than 10 years, and I love their passion for wanting to help clients and communities achieve financial confidence.

They created their very own onUp Movement, which launched in 2016 to help guide you from financial stress to confidence. And this is the perfect time to discuss during the holidays and planning for New Year’s Resolutions, too!


So, are you ready to handle the holidays like a true boss?? I’m here to help spread holiday cheer and help you live your best life during this crazy season of Christmas! I’ve got a pep in my step and it’s all about saving, feeling good about your spending, and focusing on more quality time with the ones you love.

This year, we are focusing on the gift of CONFIDENCE. Financial confidence is about being proud of your money decisions and setting yourself up for success. I always joke that Jeff saves us silly, but I’m thankful he is the saver of our dynamic duo and we definitely keep each other in check! I’ve also created a simple guide for shopping smart, all while sharing holiday vibes and cheer:

One. Set a Budget and Stick to It

It’s just that simple… allot a specific amount of dollars for each person on your list and once you reach that limit, they are DONE. If you want to be budget savvy, shop for major deals + steals so you can make the most of your money for gifting! It’s easy to go overboard [I know from experience], but you’ll feel MUCH better about these expenditures if you’ve stuck to your checklist.

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Two. Quality over Quantity

If your kids are like mine, they are constantly racking up goodies all year long… especially when it comes to gifting from their beloved grandparents that can’t tell them “no.” So this year, we are sticking to a new motto “quality over quantity”—I’d rather them have MEANINGFUL gifts that they truly love than a hoard of endless toys and games that rarely come out of the playroom closet.

P.S. this translates well to adult gifts. Jeff and I are keeping it simple for each other this year, which in turn helps me not get as stressed out about finding 10+ things for him.

Three. Experiences, Not “Stuff”

The girls don’t know, but we are gifting them a Disney World vacation for Christmas. We want to create meaningful experiences, packed full of family fun and this was the perfect time to head back to the land of princesses and Mickey. We are knocking out another vacation, but also giving them something that they will forever remember. And yes, I cannot wait to see their faces when we surprise them!!

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Four. Volunteer Your Time and Do Good

There is something so powerful about volunteering your time to help others. The pure satisfaction of knowing you’ve made an impact, and the ability to see outside your own world—I’m all for it. Even more so during the holidays! We are finding some incredible ways to give back and do good this season: adopting angels to gift holiday presents to, donating old coats and jackets to those who need them, and also stocking local food pantries so they can feed the homeless. I want to instill just how important this is to our children and hope they will continue to want to do this as they get older.



So fill yourself full of cheer and good tidings + tackle this most wonderful time of year with plenty of holiday vibes!

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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