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Faster Way to Fat Loss: all the Info about the Program and Before Pictures


December 28, 2018

I’m getting the NYE resolutions started early this year my friends… anyone else?!?!?! I mentioned my all-in decision to start the Faster Way To Fat Loss Program last week before Christmas and today I wanted to jump on here and give more insight and background into Faster Way To Fat Loss, why I’m joining, and what I’m hoping to achieve with this 7-week program that starts in just a few days on 12/31.

how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness

Let’s get real honest here friends

We all make the BEST intentions to get healthy each and every January. To be more active, to be better about what we eat, to say adios to the bad habits–you feel me?? I’m usually fairly healthy + active the majority of the year, so it’s not some drastic difference for me, but this time, I want to change things up and I want to test myself to see if I can actually tackle this challenge and see what happens to my mind, body and soul over these next seven weeks.

So, why am I joining Faster Way to Fat Loss??

I first learned of the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program through my friend and fellow blogger Beth via Seersucker and Saddles about two years ago. She raved about the lifestyle, the benefits and if you’ve seen her body, you can tell it 100% works… she sold me on the idea, especially when she visited me in Nashville last September and I grilled her with 1033 questions about the FWTFL program.

Amanda Tress, the founder + creator [major mom-preneur and amazing woman] is INCREDIBLE. She has three kiddos and is empowering women to take hold of their health and wellness and to put themselves first–something that’s a challenge for so many of us I know! I actually got on a conference call with her last week and I was in awe of everything about her… her spirit for motivating others, passion for her program and positivity in telling me I could absolutely achieve something great for myself with small, but impactful changes to my overall lifestyle. I love a good challenge and setting REAL GOALS over the next seven weeks with Faster Way to Fat Loss will definitely motivate me to push myself hard and see what happens.

What exactly does the Faster Way To Fat Loss Program Entail??

The FWTFL Program includes three specific strategies:

No worries, I am going to break down each category a bit, so it makes it easier to understand [P.S. when you sign up you’ll get links to five videos to watch which help explain these processes and get you ready all during Prep Week, which starts on 12/31!!].

how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness

1 | Carb Cycling, Teach Your Body to Burn Fat Instead of Carbs

Carb cycling involves altering your carb intake on specific days to prevent fat loss plateaus and keep your metabolism working at its optimum pace. You “cycle” between low carb days and regular carb days which helps burn the fat away! More is explained in the Faster Way to Fat Loss videos like I mentioned above so you’ll understand exactly how to do it, what days of the week you go low carb, how to count net carbs, etc. Read more about Carb Cycling HERE.

2 | Tracking Macros

I know this sounds tricky, but I promise it’s NOT. Basically the first thing you’ll need to do is download the MyFitnessPal app which makes counting macros pretty easy… basically macro-nutrients consist of fats, proteins and carbs [all that will equal 100% like the pie chart seen above]. What I love about the Faster Way to Fat Loss method is that I won’t have to give up a good cocktail, I won’t have to bid adieu to dessert, I won’t have to say goodbye to the carbs altogether–tracking my macros will allow me to indulge in the things I love, while still staying on track. You’ll get a specific calorie goal based on your starting weight, height, etc [my coach Allie helps with all of this!] and that number changes based on your daily workouts and other factors that are explained in detail once you sign up. But the most important thing to note is that you’re NOT COUNTING CALORIES… you’ll be counting your macro nutrients and ensuring you get the right percentages of your individual pie chart each day! More tracking macros details can be found HERE.

3 | Intermittent Fasting

If there is one aspect of the Faster Way to Fat Loss program that intimidates me a little bit: Intermittent Fasting. It’s becoming more and more popular and I have tried it previously, but this entails doing it each day in an 8-hour window…. basically it’s 16 hours OFF eating and 8 hours ON eating which equals 24 hours a day. The good thing for me is that most of the 16 hours are overnight when I am sleeping and then I’ll consume my daily caloric intake within an 8-hour feeding window. I asked why this specific breakdown [instead of a 14/10, 13/9, etc] and the science backs it up as to why it turns your body into  fat burner… I plan to break my fast each day at 11AM and then I’ll stop my eating timeframe at 7PM. You can also do a 10AM/6PM method, 12PM/8PM method, etc… pick what works for YOU! Read more about Intermittent Fasting HERE.

Do You Need a Gym to Join Faster Way to Fat Loss??

Heck no my friend… you can do the workouts from your home OR at the gym and each of the workouts can be modified to meet your specific needs as well. The 5 day a week workouts range from 30-50 minutes each and include cardio, HIIT, weight training and more–again, all detailed once you join in so you’ll know exactly what workouts to do on specific days, too.

What is my End Goal?

Honestly, as cliche as this may sound, I want to look good AND feel good in a two piece swimsuit again. We have a trip planned with 7 other couples to Cabo at the end of February and if that isn’t motivation for me to kick it into high gear, I don’t know what is! I’m not necessarily looking to lose weight, I am looking to tone and tighten, see some abs again [trust me, it’s been awhile–haha] and also lose some inches [specifically in the leg/thigh area]. I will preface this by saying that Amanda stresses the importance of not paying attention to the number on the scale–that it’s all about taking your measurements before you start Faster Way to Fat Loss and then again once the seven weeks are up… seeing visual results in the way your clothes fit, how your before/after pics look, etc. I’m usually someone who weighs herself each day, so this is going to be HARD to quit.

I cannot believe I am going to share my BEFORE pictures with you, but like I mentioned in my IG stories, I want to be 100% transparent and honest with you during this journey in the hopes that it helps others out there who want to make self-care and their health a priority in 2019, too. Plus, when you put it all out there on the internet, it’s game time AKA all or nothing!

how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness: before pictures how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness: before pictures how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness: before pictures

Below are all the details of my starting measurements as I get ready and ramped up to start my first round of the Faster Way to Fat Loss program:

how to start Faster to Fat Loss featured by top US life and style blog, Hello Happiness: before measurements

Finally, how do you join Faster Way to Fat Loss??

What I love about Faster Way to Fat Loss is that it’s a community… a network of people who are dreaming of better days ahead together, and that you’ll get individual FB group access to share, motivate and ask questions by your FWTFL coach. I’ve been texting Allie a ton with all sorts of questions and trying to get as much information as I can to be able to share with you, too. I’d LOVE to have some accountability partners so SIGN UP WITH ME! There is no time like the present, right?!?!

I feel like I’m a good multitasker… I can juggle it all fairly well and I’m trying to show up and be positive each day, but I can ALWAYS do better–we all have crazy busy schedules, kids with extra-curricular activities, households to run, jobs to tackle, etc. I’ve always given myself grace as to why I’ve said “no” to these opportunities before and I’m diving in head first this time and not letting the fear of failure get in my way. Thanks to each of you for motivating me, for challenging me and for being there to support. Big hugs and lots of excitement for what’s to come and I hope you’ll get on board with Faster Way to Fat Loss, too… OXOX!!

Read more FAQ about the FWTFL Program HERE. 
  1. This sounds so exciting! I want to sign up too!

  2. Lori says:

    I hope you realize how amazing your body is! I would give up all my money to have your body!

  3. Susan Schnitzler says:

    Ok so I’ve been following Amanda on Instagram, Facebook and reading her blog for a year and not been brave enough to do this. For two weeks FWTFL has been weighing on my mind, but I haven’t have the guts to push the purchase button. You’re my motivation, but I need a buddy. Even if it’s virtual. Are you willing?! I promise I’m not a creeper! Can I share my before stats with you, will you help hold me accountable and motivate me.? I’ll do the same for you! Please! I work three nights a week (I’m a nurse) so my schedule is a little different than most, which means I need a some guidance from the FWTFL pros on managing intermittent fasting. My motivation is for many reasons, mostly to boost energy, feel better about myself, but also my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th (!) wedding anniversary in May and I really want to be my best self by then. This is something I feel I can accomplish.

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