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Investing in Original Art… Q&A with Gregg Irby Gallery


January 16, 2019

Happy hump day friends… I am loving all the responses and feedback I’m seeing in terms of everything home design and sharing our home renovation so I thought this would be a fun time to do a Question and Answer post with my go-to art destination, Gregg Irby Gallery.

I first fell in love with all things Gregg Irby a few years ago when we designed our Formal Dining Room [you can see that reveal post here]. It was then that we first invested in our first large scale original art from one of their artists, Erin McIntosh, and I could see how much of a difference original pieces made in our home… talk about dramatic visual pop-it’s still one of my favorite things that we’ve ever bought and totally made me feel like a real adult, haha.

Since then, we have added so many more artists from Gregg Irby Gallery to our collection, including Renee Bouchon, Elaine Burge, Kate Waddell, Stephanie Henderson, Michelle Armas, Emyo, Lynn Sanders, Kristin Blakeney, and Eva Magill Oliver, among others. Can you tell how much I absolutely love their incredible lineup of talent?? For us, it’s been a one-stop shop for every single piece of original artwork in our home, and I trust them completely because of all the color, texture and style offerings.

But for you non-locals to Atlanta like myself, they have made it extremely easy to shop online with Gregg Irby Gallery … take a peak below at some of their innovative options to shop with a fun little Q&A session:

What makes shopping at Gregg Irby Gallery easy?? And how can out-of-towners benefit from shopping your gallery?
Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Westside creative district, Gregg Irby Gallery is not your typical art gallery. We welcome customers as guests rather than clients, encouraging them to casually and unhurriedly explore, and to ask questions about the paintings and the artists. The works on display mirror the gallery’s overall philosophy that original art should be neither distancing nor intimidating, but made available to inspire us all. While our brick and mortar is a joy to shop in, our website is e-commerce friendly, so every single painting at the gallery is available to shop online!
We love to make suggestions, and can even edit photos of your space to visualize different paintings that complement your design concept. Whether you are looking to build a gallery wall or need the perfect painting for your living room, we enjoy helping by virtually superimposing artwork options into your spaces! [we do not charge for e-design work]. 

Our mission is to ease any intimidation involved in purchasing original art, and to make the entire process enjoyable. We understand that experiencing a painting in your home is largely helpful and even necessary in order to make a decision. For our local friends, taking artwork home on approval is a breeze. For our out-of-towners, we are happy to ship paintings on approval as well! Simply give us a call or reach out via email and we will make arrangements to ship the painting for a trial in your home.


 When helping customers purchase art, what are some important details to consider? Talk us through the process of picking the right original art.

Art is so personal and meaningful for different reasons to different people. When you find a painting that you love, you may not even be able to articulate why, but if it sparks joy, or reminds you of a distant memory every time you look at it…that is when you know it’s the perfect piece for you & your home.

It’s always helpful if we can see a photo of the space so we can make size recommendations. The painting should fit proportionally into the space – we like to ensure the center of the painting is at eye level. If hanging above a sofa, we like to leave 4-8” of space between the top of a sofa and the bottom of a painting. The art should be half to 2/3 the width of the sofa. Here is a visual for easy reference:

To what do you contribute to the success of Gregg Irby Gallery??

Growing up in South Carolina, Gregg was enchanted by the art her mother created and as she grew, art was never far from her mind. After college, she began to collect paintings by emerging artists and saw the true need for a gallery that could help to discover and present new artists, foster and cultivate their talent, and provide them with an unpretentious and accessible place to show their work. Gregg began working with a handful of artists and offering their work at private shows across the Southeast, and collectors responded to her low-key approach to presenting art in relaxed, gracious settings. After years of showing a fresh mix of colorful, abstract works at affordable prices to collectors, she opened her first gallery in 2007 in a small cottage behind a church in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Many of these artists’ careers matured and flourished alongside the gallery’s and raised all to nationwide acclaim. In 2015, the gallery moved to its current location in Atlanta’s Westside creative district.

We were the first to do it differently than the rest of the industry. By taking the show on the road for years before opening a brick & mortar, Gregg was able to build a loyal client base organically. Rather than having individual shows featuring one artist’s work at a given time, we have every member of the gallery represented on the floor at all times. This exposure is key for our artists and also provides our collectors with a holistic view, demonstrating how an abstract and a landscape from the hands of two different artists can relate & live together. We have expanded our team and our services to adapt to the healthy economic climate, and are thrilled to continue to build our brand across the nation (keep reading!).

How do you select the artists you feature??

Our passion and motivation is to launch truly talented and hardworking artists and to present established artists as they should be experienced. With the prevalence of Instagram, original art is rapidly becoming a very saturated market. We like to show unique work that cannot be found anywhere else! The paintings at the gallery are unique and distinct, while still being relaxed in conversation with each other, creating an atmosphere that feels inviting, comfortable and open. In our 20 years of curating, Gregg Irby Gallery has proven to be the source for discovering original artwork that will resonate for years to come.

What five words best describes the art featured at Gregg Irby??

Contemporary, Inspiring, Timeless, Unique, Livable.

What is next for Gregg Irby Gallery??

We are excited to launch Gregg Irby Gallery pop-up shops at our favorite retailers across the nation. If you are interested in hosting a pop-up shop showcasing original art from the gallery, we would love to hear from you!

**P.S. I vote NASHVILLE 😉

Thank you SO much to the team at Gregg Irby for their partnership… they just dropped off a few new pieces to finish out our upstairs guest bedroom and I can’t wait to share those in our home, too!!

For all the latest, follow Gregg Irby Gallery on Instagram here.

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2024 favs

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