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Share the LOVE… How I Stay Organized with Erin Condren


February 8, 2019

++thanks to Erin Condren for sponsoring this post… so excited for this partnership for all things organization++

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY friends… it always feels like I am crossing the finish line when we make it here and I couldn’t be more excited–another weekend at home with the babies is coming up with a few fun birthday parties and brunches here and there… we will be partaking in more QT together and I for one am counting down the hours until my cuties step off of that school bus!!

I’m always getting asked tons of questions about scheduling and staying organized, especially for us moms that are constantly on-the-go, living out of ours cars, picking up/dropping off the kiddos at after-school activities and such, and oh yeah… working, too! I know this crazy time is just a season of life and I live for a full calendar, BUT even I can get overwhelmed sometimes with how many appointments and meetings and dance classes I am having to make it to, so I am partnering up with Erin Condren to take you behind the scenes of my LifePlanner to show you how I keep it colorful, collected and the constant chaos at bay.

First things first, I have been using their LifePlanner for 6+ months now and it’s the ONLY planner I’ve been able to use efficiently and easily. The size is great in that I can throw it in my everyday tote and it has weekly and monthly pages to keep me on track… my favorite detail is that every month’s divided page has inspirational quotes on it to keep you encouraged and positive = something that gets me motivated and thinking good thoughts!

Here are a few favorite tips and tricks that help me map out my days with Erin Condren by my side:

One. Color Code it All

That’s where pretty markers like this Colorful Dual-Tip Market Set come into play! This totally helps me separate my categories… one color for Caroline and Carson’s things [school functions, violin/ballet, parties/playdates] from blog obligations [collaboration go-live dates, photography sessions, conference calls] and other personal/family items [church, doctor appts, travel, etc]. Just an easy way to have a visual checklist when I’m looking at my week or month view so that things stand out from the normal day-to-day stuff.

Two. Pick a Day to Map Out Your Week

This is critical… yes, you have to PLAN to use your planner!! What a novel idea, right?? I usually do this on Sunday mornings when I am drinking coffee before the kiddos get up… a bit of quiet time to figure out our plans that week and refresh my brain about what we have coming up–menu planning [days eating in/out], other obligations/responsibilities [PTO stuff/influencer events], workout plans for me with FWTFL, travel for Jeff and myself, etc. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes and it’s super productive so that I don’t go into the week already feeling behind. If you start with your normal weekly things and add in appointments as they are scheduled, it doesn’t feel overwhelming… writing things down for me is also like making a visual checklist and that way hopefully I won’t miss something major.

XO CoversSparkle Heart Metallic Covers

Three. Get Creative + Have Fun

If you’re going to use it, make it your own… accessorize it with stickers like the PetitePlanner Share the Love Sticker Pack Duo or the Sparkle Heart + Hexagon Duo Tape Pack  — you get the jist!!! If you’re a type-A person like me, you want all the bells and whistles to make it stand out. Just be sure to make it something you love to look at and you’ll want to continue to use it daily! Whether that’s adding a fun new holiday/seasonal cover like these options below, make it match your personality and you’ll be set for planner success.

Four. Schedule a To-Do List

Create a simple task or to-do list for each day… the absolute NECESSITIES you need to conquer! My best advice would be to rank these in order of importance starting with the musts. When you get to check that box or put a line through that text, you’re going to feel like you’ve won and that way you’re fitting these into your days, while still working other large commitments, projects, etc.

XO Sticker SheetPetitePlanner Share the Love JournalPetitePlanner Share the Love Sticker Pack Duo

Five. Take it With You

Yes… bring it to work, school, in the car–you heard me! Put it in a bag like this sweet Heart to Heart Reusable Bag and make it your everyday companion… I bring mine to the coffee shop, meetings, waiting area at dance/gymnastics, work lunches, etc. Having it with you helps you remember to input your action items, must do’s, events and other necessary scheduling appointments.

Finally, it’s all about making sure you have a planner that you ENJOY using!! The Erin Condren motto is “let’s get it done, so we can have some fun!” and I couldn’t agree with that sentiment more…. simplify and stylize your life with plenty of color and organization!!

  1. Cari says:

    I love my Erin Condren planner. Totally keeping me organized.

  2. Caley says:

    I used to love the EC planner but it became “too much” for me so I switched to the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and I love this! The most important thing though is to use these planners to help organize and simplify our lives!
    (And I love your handwriting, sweet friend!) x

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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