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5 things… pet peeves


October 16, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen a “5 things” installment and this Friday coffee chat session comes from another follower request… also known as pet peeves. You know, those weird things that drive you bananas that are your version of crazy conundrums you simple can’t stand– as soon as I saw this request I knew this was going to be a hot topic of discussion and I couldn’t wait to share five of my biggest annoyances…

Pet Peeves by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of Natasha Stoneking standing out on her patio and wearing a Silent Night Tie Dye Set, Criss Cross faux fur sandals and holding a Kindness mug.

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If you’re looking to learn more about the girl behind the blog, step right up: some of you might call me crazy because I can tolerate nails on a chalkboard all day everyday, but these little gems are sure to give you more insight into what makes me absolutely go bonkers:

Pet Peeves by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: digital please and thank you graphic.

Five Pet Peeves

one. people not saying please and/or thank you

If there is ONE thing that drives me batsh*t crazy like none other, it is people not saying PLEASE or THANK YOU. I absolutely can’t stand it and yes I’ll silently be judging you if you don’t use your manners. I’m southern, so it’s embedded in our blood from an early age, but I promise you a simple gesture of thanks goes A LONG way in this day and age. I am constantly reminding my girls to always give appreciation and gratitude when speaking to others and I assure you it’ll carry you a long way if you just use some nice words when in conversation, dropping off a package at the UPS store, chatting with the grocery store clerk, etc. It truly takes one second and it can change someone’s day.

Pet Peeves by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of a kitchen with a blue island, yellow pendant lights, blue and white strip bar stools, and wood floors.

two. dirty dishes in the sink

I think my eyeballs might pop out of their sockets when I see dirty dishes in the sink. We have a dishwasher for a reason… Caroline and Carson know better by now, but we are still working on Jeff ;). This is also one reason I decided to do a semi-divided farmhouse sink when we renovated a few years ago so that excess food/waste doesn’t linger in the sink. Keep it organized and tidy people!!!

three. people misusing they’re/their/there + you’re/your

I’ll never understand how people can’t figure this out. If I am reading something and I see any of these words misused, I can’t stop myself from silenty correcting your grammar… I know this is totally random and weird, but it’s one of those pet peeves I can’t seem to let go of. Total type A I know, but it’s one of those things that you just can’t unsee.

four. copycats

Now this is more of a recent pet peeve that I am seeing over and over again. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for me I call it being a total COPYCAT. Sure, we are bound to use others around us or within the social media world for ideas and inspiration but to blatantly copy someone else’s other material repeatedly is despicable. I am seeing this type of stuff now more than ever and it totally gets under my skin. For heaven’s sake, be yourself — don’t do what everyone else is doing!!!!

Pet Peeves by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: digital image of a name pronunciation card.

five. people mis-pronouncing my name

Of course I saved the best one for last… this is a pet peeve I’ve had my entire life and I’m sure it’s one I will never outgrow [sadly enough]. I think this also might be why I named my daughters Caroline and Carson… straightforward names with little room for error in terms of how people pronounce C + C.

Now having said that, I have always liked my name because it’s unique and different, and my mom came up with the name from the Hollywood actress Natalie Wood, as she was born in Russia and Natasha had been another name she went by. For easy reference, I am inserting this YouTube video on how to pronounce my name correctly…. have a listen!

Phoenetically, it’s this: NAH TASH AH

Maybe I just blew your mind or maybe you already knew… but trust me, we’ve had TONS of laughs when people introduce me as their “friend” only to mispronounce my name! It’s one of those things you just learn to deal with but still my pickiest pet peeve nonetheless.

Pet Peeves by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of Natasha Stoneking standing out on her patio and wearing a Silent Night Tie Dye Set, Criss Cross faux fur sandals and holding a Kindness mug.

So, please tell me I am not alone and/or crazy and you’ve got your fair share of outlandish pet peeves that irk you, too?!?! I would LOVE to hear your best ones and I’ll send a $25 Target gift card to the person who leaves the comment with the craziest/wildest/funniest oddity!


  1. Totally agree with you on the misuse of your and you’re, drives me nuts! I also go crazy when I hear people say, “I could care less” because it makes no sense – what they should be saying is, “I couldn’t care less” and then when I hear people saying this word, that isn’t really a word at all – irregardless. Definitely pet peeves of mine!

  2. My name is Gentry, and my maiden name was Adams. I can’t tell you how many people emailed me “hello Adams!” – total pet peeve! Lol!

  3. Lauren says:

    I’m a hiring director for my company and one of the biggest pet peeves I have when people apply for jobs is misspelling my last name or not addressing it properly. C’mon you’re applying for a job… Step 1 – Get the hiring director’s name correct!!! (Insert palm to forehead).

  4. Alexa Williams says:

    My pet peeves could so line up with yours— but people using a median/turn lane wrong make my blood boil!! I think my strangest thing is brushing teeth with cold water. I feel like it needs to be as hot as possible— I mean if we wash dishes, clothes, mop, clean, take a shower with hot water to kill the germs, we need to brush with hot water to kill the germs. 🤣

  5. Toni :0) says:

    No one can pronounce our last name Dreist. They always say Dreest when it’s German and you pronounce the second vowel so it should be Dryst phonetically. Along with people misusing words, I also cannot understand why people struggle with Lose and Loose….argh!!! Why???!!!!

  6. Kathy says:

    Hey there!
    1. I’m also a grammar fanatic and see all the misspelled words, and words used improperly in others’ writing! Sometimes it’s a gift when family and friends ask me to edit something for them, and other times it can just be annoying, I’m with you on this!
    2. It irks me to no end when someone ‘name drops’ when I’m first getting to know them. Is it a lack of confidence or is it just bragging? I want to know about you–not necessarily all the so-called important people you know!
    3. The one thing that drives me crazy off a cliff is people on their phones while driving or sitting in traffic! Don’t get me wrong, I talk on the phone (through my bluetooth) while driving. I’m talking about those who HOLD their phones and look down, or TEXT when driving. Not only is it dangerous. but it annoys me that they aren’t paying attention to the road (and driving like a dum dum), because they’re paying attention to their phone.

    Okay, I’m taking a deep breath and letting it go now. 🙂 Ha!

    This post was great btw. I love getting to know random stuff like this!

  7. Brooke says:

    I’d say my biggest one is when people who need to hit “reply all” don’t and the ones that shouldn’t do – so sometimes you have to re-add people when you respond or deal with a long thread of people responding all to something that could have been private.

    • Brooke says:

      Oh also! When people miss spell your name in an email, when your name is clearly written in the email. People always forget to add the “e” on the end of my name which is really annoying!

      Ps thanks for this! 🙂

  8. Stephanie Olsen says:

    I have two…. wind chimes and words spelled wrong on purpose. I know they are super random! I’m not sure what it is hate so much about wind chimes but they drive me bananas. And, words spelled wrong on purpose are the worst for me. Years ago we lived just outside Atlanta and I would drive by a daycare called ‘Kidz R Kidz’ and I would cringe every time!

    • Meredith Stone says:

      Oh my goodness… Yes! I thought I was the only one.! Wind Chimes are awful! Definitely one of my top pet peeves. They make me feel lonely or a sense of doom. So Eeery! And the dishes/dirty house is also way at the top of my pet peeves list too!

      Bumper stickers or any kind of stickers on cars. {I realize how weird this sounds! My only explanation is that I’m highly visual.}

      When the car near you has its bass turned up so loud that you can feel it run through your body and down to your toes and makes your head immediately hurt. I think it’s so rude!

      People who are “know it all’s” They give unsolicited advice and look down on others and tend to be people who are rude with a smile on their face.

      People who have zero humility and can’t admit when they’re wrong. Nothing worse!

      So fun to read all of these!! ❤️

  9. Allison says:

    Love this! Yours are good! Hate when people say “anywho” in place of “anyway” yikes! Drives me crazy!!! Also why can’t people not put their shopping carts in the right thingy! It just doesn’t take much effort and it is LAZY not to do it!! Thanks for letting me vent! 😬😳🙄

  10. Elizabeth Norman says:

    First of all, what a fun topic! I’m trying to pick my biggest one…apparently I have quite a few. My husband leaves the cabinet doors open in the kitchen when he gets a glass or a plate or a pan for cooking or a snack. It’s like he’s allergic to closing the cabinet doors. I. do. not. understand. this. I mean, you rarely even take your hand off the handle! Blows my mind and frustrates me to no end. Men… 😉

  11. Nancy says:

    My biggest pet peeve is when someone has blinds on their windows and instead of just opening the blind to let the light in they raise the whole blind. It also drives me crazy if all the blinds in the same room are open different amounts. Ugh!

  12. Alison says:

    Loud eaters – grates on my nerves!
    Toilet paper on the holder upside down – I will switch it at someone’s house so it is correct.
    People who pull through parking spots to park in a parking lot. Back in if you want the front of your car facing out!

    I could go on all day!! Does this make me a grumpy person?? 😂

  13. Jillian says:

    This was so entertaining to read 🤣 my biggest pet peeve is when people do not pull over for sirens, but honestly I think this goes beyond a pet peeve and is completely disrespectful!
    2nd up is people that don’t yield in round abouts, they just approach and pull right in… wow sounds like I have a little road rage I should check into!!

  14. Mary Beth Lane says:

    I love this! Please and thank you are still the magic words, you took the words right out of my mouth. My biggest pet peeve is when people are driving and they do things out of kindness, but then aren’t following the rules of the road. Under no circumstances should someone come to a complete stop on a road that is 45 mph to let someone turn from a side street that has a stop sign.

  15. D Breaux says:

    I have some of the same as you!
    1) Drapes being too high off the floor. It can be difficult to bite my tongue! Tip: If forego custom drapes, buy a pair too long and then have them hemmed.
    2) Emailing me then coming to my office, calling, or texting me immediately asking if I received your email!
    3) My husband not closing cabinets 🙂

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