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The 2023 January Organization Challenge

Life + Style

December 28, 2022

It’s that time again… OH YES! One of my favorite new year traditions over the past few years has become this organization overhaul because nothing starts January off better than getting organized!! No worries friends, I’m giving you plenty of time to cover all the bases and get set to get organized with 31 small daily tasks + challenges and we’re making sure to cover all the bases. Accountability is key here, so be sure to save this image and share on socials as you cross off the daily to-dos and tag me so I can see too… and because we all need a little extra incentive to get motivated, there might be weekly giveaways to keep us going as well.

This year, we are focusing on all things quick and efficient. We’re talking tasks that can be conquered in 15 minutes or less, leaving no excuse not to get them done [and yes, this is to help me finish the challenge, too]… and because they are simple daily tasks it’s the perfect way to start a habit for the rest of the year. I challenge you to take it beyond January and incorporate these 15 minute fixes into your daily routine.

So save this image to your phone, favorite it so it’s easy to find and reference each day and let’s get organized for a clutter-free, mess-less kind of 2023. Need a few extra necessities to help you get ready to master the mayheim??? I’m sharing my top organization tools + products to help jumpstart your operation organization for a clean and happy home:

shop the collage here

Zip Lock Bag Holders | I’ve chatted about these plastic bag holders many times before… they take the hasselvout of leftovers and school lunches and make your drawers far more organized [and pretty]

Kitchen Pantry Labels | More thn 150 labels in this set = everything you need to label up in style for just $25. I love the clean and simple design of these labels for all the items in your kitchen cabinets/pantry/etc

Slide Out Storage Containers | Genius for your pantry, medicine cabinet, under sink storage and anywhere else where you need more rom… I LOVE the slide out design of this 2 for $20 container set

Handheld Label Maker | I’ve used this for years and makes my school-supply loving heart oh so happy! This handheld version is perfect for home and office organization so everything has its proper place

Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers | Another Amazon favorite year after year… simply the best container system for storage and keeping food fresh! This set offers a ton of sizes with airtight lids

Stackable Shoe Boxes | Stackable shoe boxes… simply a MUST in my book when it comes to being able to sort shoes in your closet!

Makeup Storage Organizers | If you’re like me you end up with ALL sorts of extra makeup… these stackable organizers are great to keep it all contained and organized which makes for quicker makeup application in the morning — just $15 fso the price is right!!!

Velvet Hangers | No more wire hangers!!! Hands down the best hanger system — so good I even grabbed them in the kids size for the girls, too. They keep everything efficient and hung to maximize closet space

Lazy Susan Storage | I’m not sure why this is named Susan, but I don’t care because it makes those pesky backspaces in the cabinet and pantry far more useful since this handy dansy spins! Perfect for skincare, beauty tools and of course anything else you need easy access to

Rolling Cart | I first started using these for my girls during COVID when we grabbed a few to use for school supplies and daily essentials and they soon turned into a must-have in our home… both Caroline and Carson have them in their closet for added storage!

Acrylic Wall Calendar | One of my most used purchases from 2022 was our acrylic wall calendar.. it helps me map out my week [also comes in a monthly variety] and keeps both Jeff and I in the know of what the girls have going on that week as well as meals for dinner, etc

Stackable Jewelry Storage | Last but not least, the jewelry storage. I LOVE these divided organizers because they are chic, help you see all your items easily and the neutral gray color is perfect

Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to get you motivated:

ONE. Look for any wasted space and use it for storage! There are countless storage options available these days from containers to shelving units, etc. so keep the clutter at bay by using any wasted space as a storage solution

TWO. Remember these three rules: flexibility, accessibility, and visibility. These are key for making sure your organization will last and be the most efficient.

THREE. Label everything! This is one I will always keep on my tips list because I think it’s the most important and effective! Especially when you have kids and husbands that can’t seem to find anything, even when it’s right in front of them 😉

FOUR. Don’t keep anything out of obligation … only keep the things you need and know you use. If you’re second guessing, get it out! Thank goodness Jeff and I both hate clutter, which helps.

FIVE. Continue to incorporate one space per day into your regular routine. It will take less time the more you continue to keep up with it in your day to day life!

SIX. Don’t forget to donate. Search local organizations and non-profits in your community to help you gert rid of unwanted items but also help others in need as well. This is something we do monthly with purging closets, etc and I know my girls get excited to donate their clothing/shoes/accessories they’ve outgrown. Getting them involved has been something we enjoy doing together!

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2024 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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