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the top amazon favorites | 2023 edition

Life + Style

December 22, 2023

All good things must come to an end… except when Amazon is involved!!! You know I LOVE a good recap post and today I’m checking in one final time in 2023 to give you the goods on what you [and I] shopped most from Amazon the past 12 months.

Let’s face it = we are all Amazon addicts whether we like it or not, so it’s no surprise everyone goes crazy when I share my monthly favs and things not to miss from the world’s easiest brand to shop with. I’ve unearthed some pretty stellar, savvy and stylish finds in 2023 and I thought it was only fitting to take a little walk down memory lane to share the best in fashion, home and more:

Acrylic Cutting Board | [$52] The #1 seller for all things home this year… it’s most certainly a fav in my home and it seems lik eveeryone elses as well. There is nothing better than having a go-to spot to do all the food prep + makes for one easy peasy clean up situation and it’s acrylic so totally on trend = a big WIN in my book!

Loving Tan Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse | [$39] No surprise here… I’ve used this tanning mousse for years and I’m glad to see so many of you love it as well!! A tried and true golden bronze, no orange undertones and absolutely a cinch to apply… helps me keep a sunless tan all year long

Oversized Sweater Set | [$63] 2023 was most certainly the year for sweater sets and I am here for it! If you can only choose one… this is hands down the one to grab first. SO many color options with the sofest fabrication and something you’ll want to wear for travel and everyday in between!

Cropped Puffer Vest | [$26] One for the tweens, teens and women alike… a perfect piece for a southern winter! This vest will keep you nice and warm while still being fashionable. Both of my girls have worn theirs over and over again this season and are begging for another colorway to wear in 2024

Chin Lifting Mask | [$9] My favorite beauty find for 2023… I added this chin lifting mask to my pre-photoshoot prep routine this year and I am obsessed! It targets fine lines and totally gives you a more pronounced chin to eliminate the excess puff 😉

Silicone Makeup Brush Holder | [$12] Travel just got easier and less messy = not sure if you’re like me but the brushes can do some damage inside my makeup ba… I found this best seller early this year and I love how it keeps them contained in one space and eliminates the excess dirt from my other beauty products

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser | [$32] Speaking of makeup brushes… the perfect segway is this AMAZING brush cleanser… it’s powerful so only a bit will work its magic = removes ALL the traces of makeup, dirty and oil from your brushes so you have clean tools to work with!

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements | [$79] A little more than 3 months ago I started taking Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements consistently and it’s finally working. Even my hairdresser + stylist mentioned this past week how long my hair was getting AND I can tell far less shedding going on too = MAJOR WIN. Just be sure to take it EVERYDAY!

Apple AirTags [$23] and Silicone Holders [$10] | Can we talk about lifesavers?! These saved us on our trip to Italy this year when bags were lost in another airport… I cannot recommend these enough. I’d totally recommend you giving them to your kids if they are out and about and you need tabs on them too.

Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo | [$33] Day two and three hair will thank you… another tried and true product that I cannot live without… the new + revamped dry shampoo that actually CLEANS your hair+ provides all the softness and shine conditioning benefits = buy two because you just can’t run out!

Waffle Weave Knit Pant Set | [$36] Another pant set I lived in during all seasons… not only does it come in a ton of colors + striped options as well, BUT you can also score it with short sleeves and short varieties for warmer weather styling, too

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag | [$24] Can you tell travel was BIG for us this year?? Seems like you all were racking up frequent flyer miles too based on how many of you bought this travel toiltery bag! I always hated having to dig through so many bags to find what I needed while traveling + this bag solved all of that for me = roomy with plenty of compartments and the hanging detail makes it even more space savvy

LED Light Clip | [$31] Alex Earle would be so proud… even I was influenced with this selfie light = great for taking pictures in dark light/night AND doubles as a lighted makeup mirror so you can apply all your makeup + skincare… love that it has multiple settings and two clips so you can take it anywhere!

Glass Bottle Dispensers with Labels | [$18] These live in my kitchen all year long.. from the soap next to my sink to the flavors for coffee = I LOVE the sleek design with gold accents and the labels are nice and clean + they are so easy to apply

Open Weave Pullover + Short Set | [$38 One final set, this time in a short variety… I first debuted this one this summer and you guys went CRAZY for it!!! The open weave keeps it lightweight and comfy, but you can also use it as a breezy coverup for swimwear as well

Travel Steamer | [$23] Last but not least… a travel steamer that works perfect for all of my needs= my friend Sara introduced me to this one and I LOVE how compact it is!! Easy to bring along, but totally powerful and gets the wrinkles out fast

Want to check out ALL my go-to Amazon goodies in every category you can think of?? Click before to shop my Amazon storefront and be sure to bookmark it for all your everyday shopping needs = I’ll be adding to this ALL the time in the new year as well…

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