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Wedding Wednesday… Say Yes to the Dress


May 12, 2010

This weekend marks the beginning of my journey to find the single most important detail of my {well technically, OUR, but yes MY} wedding day…THE DRESS! I’m elated to start trying on an array of gorgeous gowns, scared of what I may and may not find, and nervous because this is suge a big deal for any girl planning her dream wedding.
Though I’ve mentioned it before, I think {yes I said think} I have an idea of what I want, but I want to go in with an open mind and really let myself try on anything and everything that jumps out at me because you never know what will look good on you… especially versus the 5’9 models in the magazines that weigh in at a whopping negative 100 pounds-haha!
I am so thankful I will have 2 trusty sidekicks to accompany me on my shopping adventure… my wonderful Mother and my best friend/MOH, Meg.  And I can’t think of 2 better people to go with me as I have NO DOUBT that they will be brutally/unabashedly honest in their opinions of what they do and do not like–LOL.
Let the fun begin. We made three appointments this Saturday as I wanted to start looking locally and see what I find, as finding my dream dress in Nashville would be IDEAL considering the fittings, etc you have to do after you find “the one”.
Our first stop on Saturday will be Faccio Bridal in Franklin. Meg and I went to Faccio when she was shopping for dresses and were floored with their assortment of wedding dresses and the whole “experience” of shopping there… definitely excited to see these ladies again!
One of my favorite dresses from Lazaro
Ahhh–Rivini does wonders!

After lunch, our next appointment is at Village Bridal. I know a number of friends who have found their dresses here and I am excited to check out their selections, too! Plus, their owner is a doll and she seems like a pleasure to work with–definitely wanting to please all of her brides to make sure their dress is 100% perfect!
Look at those details–via Pronovias
And last–but certainly not least–we are going over to meet wth the women of Arzelle’s. Arzelle’s has been a standard in dressing Nashville brides for years and they are extremely well-known for their superior customer service and selection of gowns! They carry a number of designers’ in their store including some of my favorites–Paloma Blanca and San Patrick–and I know we’ll have a great time under their care =)
Absolutely Gorgeous via San Patrick
The Magnolia Ball Gown via Christos
OK so now is the time I ask you… who all did you take on your shopping adventure?? Your entire bridal party, a select few, who?? And, with the COUNTLESS selection of dresses available, how did you know when you found “it”? I am dying to know!!
  1. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Yey so exciting for you! You're going to have so much fun! 🙂

    I plan to go this month sometime to get an idea of the styles that look good on me, etc. I am bringing my mom and sister. 🙂

  2. Sarah Mina says:

    I love Paloma Blanca, too! I have two appointments set up for next Saturday and am so excited! I am just going with my mom this time, but I'm sure I'll bring one or two bridesmaids and possibly my fiance's mom on future trips. Have fun, take lots of pics!

  3. Good luck! And remember, if you've think you've found the one, you probably have, so look no further!! After I found "the one", I went to another bridal shop to try on a couple of dresses just to make sure I had found the one (yes, I am very thorough!) and all I could think about the whole time was going back to the other bridal shop and purchasing THAT dress! Most importantly though, have fun!!

  4. Caroline says:

    Gown shopping is so much fun! My mom and I went and I tried on the first dress and I fell in love. My mom made me try on another on just to be sure, but the first dress was mine. I hope you have a lot of luck!

  5. amy anne says:

    Good luck! That's so exciting!

  6. Heather says:

    How fun, I loved dress shopping. I think when you have the right one on you just know!!!

  7. Lulu in D.C. says:

    I just took my Mom. I wanted to do it with less people. When I decided on the dress, I brought back my MIL and 2 maid of honors. They approved! 🙂


  8. Al says:

    That was my favorite (and most stressful) part of the wedding process! Enjoy it 🙂

  9. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Sounds like a blast! Wedding dress shopping is the best 🙂 Especially when you have people to help you!

  10. Laura Brown says:

    Have fun!! I like this dress the best The Magnolia Ball Gown via Christos! I also love the show "Say yes to the Dress"!!

  11. Kristen says:

    I am going shopping for my wedding dress this Saturday too! I am with you, I have nothing specific picked out just trying on anything (and everything) that cathes my eye!

    Good Luck!!

  12. Christin says:

    Good luck! I had so much fun finding my dress. If you don't find the perfect one for you, keep looking. I ended up going to 13 stores!

  13. Sarah says:

    I had my mom and my three best friends when I found "the one" (I had gone one other time with 3 of my bridesmaid). I went in with ideas of what I liked/wanted but more importantly the main things I didn't want. I had it down to two at the end and there was just one that I didn't want to take off, it had all the little things I wanted rolled into one perfect little dress! 🙂

    Have so much fun!!! It really was one of my favorite parts of the enitre process….and I am plotting a way to be able to do it again! 🙂

  14. So so exciting!! I went dress shopping at had 2 in mind that I liked but then saw another one that had just come in and I knew that was the one! You'll just know it! And of course you will look stunning in anything!!

  15. ens24 says:

    You are going to have such a great time!

    I had my mom and my FMIL – my MOH couldn't make it, which was too bad.. finding the dress was much easier than i thought it would be. i knew the general style that i was going for and once i tried on the dress i knew because i just didn't want to take it off. I remember looking in the mirror and just saying "this is it" I honestly only tried on a total of 5 dresses 🙂

  16. Kim and Josh says:

    This is the most fun part and it's great that you have an open mind. I took my mom and 2 sisters and the store clerk actually pulled "the one" and I HATED it on the hanger! It was definitely not what I had in mind, but when I walked out in it, their expressions said it all and I didn't want to take it off! I tried another dress I liked after that and then put "the one" back on and knew that I should look no further. Try on all sorts of things… you never know what's going to end up looking fabulous on you! Sounds like you'll have a blast… good luck and enjoy!

  17. Hilldog says:

    I just did this last weekend and I took my mom and sister. They both did a great job and were super supportive… My sis and I have super different styles so it was hard for her to not jump out and say try this one.
    I hope you have a blast and just remember you can never tell what they are going to look like on the hanger, don't be afraid to try them on and then say no…

  18. LG says:

    You have a great plan! My dress was odd because it was not one i was interested in whatsoever but the shop owner insisted on me trying it on, and I BOUGHT IT!
    Whatever you do, don't let Oakwood Cleaners seamstress work on your dress!(bridal shops may recommend them) She has messed up wedding dresses for 2 of my friends!

  19. Hailey says:

    I may or may not spy my dress 😉

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