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A Goal a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


June 30, 2010

Since the month of June is winding down {can you believe 2010 is 1/2 way over???}, I wanted to post about where I finished with my monthly set of goals…you can see my original post here

Ok so how did I do???

1. Finish Reading Breaking Dawn–COMPLETE!! I finished it the first week of June–as we all know most of us are pee-in-our-pants excited to see Eclipse coming out tomorrow…I am now reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which I am thoroughly enjoying!
2. Make Dinner at Least 2 Nights a Week and Try 5 New Recipes–SEMI DONE…Jeff and I are cooking a lot more, though I have to admit a lot of my dinners have been the same things I am used to making–I need to branch out so my Southern Living magazines come ASAP!
3. Get My Oil Changed and Alignment Checked–COMPLETE!! So glad I did this to beat the summer heat, and I saved some money, too
4. Finish Decorating our Master Bedroom–FAIL! I still have pictures to put in our ledge and still need artwork for one wall, but I have a feeling that will be put off until I stumble across something simply fabulous… work-in-progress =)
5. Paint and Decorate the Upstairs Guest Bathroom–FAIL! We all know how this one turned out… GROSS/UGLY/HIDEOUS! The weekend after next I have one day free so I am planning to repaint and get this one knocked out
6. Attend Church Every Sunday We’re Home–COMPLETE although I feel like this doesn’t count… we were only home 1 Sunday this month, but we did go!!
7. Workout 4 Days a Week EVERY Week–SEMI-COMPLETE…Some weeks I worked out 3 days and some weeks I worked out 4–all in all, with as much traveling as I have been doing,  I ran more miles this month than I did in May so job well done
8. Get Together with 2 Friends I Haven’t Seen in Awhile–COMPLETE!! I got to spend quality time with Jenna AND Brittney… so glad we made it happen!!
9. Wash and Clean My Car–BIG BIG FAIL on this one…still waiting for a free second to get this one knocked out–boo, I need to get on it once I get home from this weekend’s festivities
With a new month {birthday month might I add!!} beginning, it’s time for a new set of goals, right?? I find that if I am motivated I can get a lot more accomplished and so we’ll see how long this monthly tradition continues…
1. Pay off Express Credit Card…yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been paying on my Express credit card for quite some time (I can’t even tell you the last time I shopped there), though I am going to write my last payment to them this month and close that credit chapter for good!
2. Complete at least 10 days of the 30-Day Shred DVD…Ms. Jillian took a backseat to my workouts since our downstairs carpet was gone, but now we have all new footing to get my additional workouts in for the mornings I don’t visit the gym and I fully intend to devote 20 minutes of the AM to extra jumping jacks, ab crunches, and weights
3. Make the Bed Everyday… this one is a difficult task in my household–it’s so easy to leave it undone every morning, but coming home to a messy bed at night makes me feel lazy so I am hoping Jeff and I can accomplish this task together–small steps, small steps
4. Update my Tres Chic Ink Blog More Regularly…it’s so easy to blog about my personal life, places I am going, things that I am doing, but I need to make a point to blog about my passion for all things paper and really work on helping my calligraphy side-venture grow. Most of my clients have been friends and so I need to network and branch out so I can continue to do something I really love.
5. Send a Note to Someone… emails, texts, and phone calls are the easiest ways to communicate with those we love, but nothing says “I’m thinking about you” like a personal handwritten note–I am going to start keeping my stationery with me and attempt to write more to my family and friends.. just to say hello, tell them congrats, a miss you, etc–whatever the subject is doesn’t matter, but it’s the thought and the time you take to write that really matters
6. End the Tanning Bed For Good! Yes, I am one of the bad ones that loves to indulge in a good tan day {or two}… but it’s time to put an end to the sun damage and I am switching to the Spray Tan–I just need to get the method perfected before some important events so I don’t look like the village idiot
There you have it–July’s to-do’s in no particular order… I’ll have to print this off and remind myself to take note of these goals so I am treat myself at the end of the month with something special!

  1. Brown Girl says:

    I love getting notes in the mail, they are always so fun, although right now I'm too busy to even send an email, I always find time for blogging though! 😉 Good job on your lists and way to get that credit card paid off, that's the best feeling!!

  2. Marian says:

    You did a very good job for June. And I'm sure you'll keep it up into July!! Good luck with it all.

  3. LG says:

    Girl you have been busy! Good for you! Great goals too. I had to end my love with the tanning bed a few years ago, and I will admit t was hard but I am sure one day I will be thankful. I am now faithfully devoted to Loreal Sublime tan.

  4. Caroline says:

    We have a problem with making the bed too. It doesn't get done mostly because Knox is still in it. You're doing a great job at your list!

  5. Good goals for July! I totally am guilty I've been meaning to wash my car but I haven't. I should make a to do list too! I have one from AGE's ago on my blog but never got to alot of it since it's house stuff. I did the Shred this morning! I think I'm going to try to do it for the whole 30 days!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Those are great goals! Good job on x-ing out the tanning beds. Spray tans is much healthier.

  7. JayeMarie says:

    Go girl! I'm such a goal oriented person. I love it.

  8. Mrs.Vid says:

    Oh my gosh getting my credit card paid off was the BEST feeling!! I'm with you on the making the bed daily.. It's something I've been working on.. I have a tendency to push snooze 5 too many times and it usually gets put on the back burner in the AM routine! Great job on accomplishing so many of your goals!!

  9. #1: I tan, and I don't judge you for doing so either! Everyone feels good with a little glow (especially one that won't rub off on your clothes) #2: I LIVE to make the bed in the morning, it seriously makes me so happy. Congrats on knocking out that to-do list. Next to making the bed, crossing off a to-do list is an all time pleasure of mine. Can you tell I'm type A?

  10. Just wanted to add my verification word was GATES, like BILL GATES. I think it means I'm going to become very rich…

  11. Heather says:

    I'm reading "The Help" right now too…I'm enjoying it!

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