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Feel the Burn…


October 12, 2010

With the seasons changing and fall officially here, not only is it time to clear out your wardrobe for coats, sweaters, tunics, and boots, but it’s time to put up the summer athletic gear and make way for some new fall/winter staples to get you through the cold months. I haven’t featured any new workout duds for quite some time now so I thought this was a great time to do so to account for those chilly mornings and afternoon temperate drops… here are some new favs to add to the collection:
Performance Fleece 1/2 Zip Jacket {via Old Navy}
Long Sleeve Running Tee {via Old Navy}
Wide-Leg Active Pants {via Old Navy}
Everyday Tank {via Road Runner Sports}
Nike Essentials Soft 1/2 Zip {via Road Runner Sports}
Asics Abby Skort {via Road Runner Sports}
All Sport Everyday Pant {via Road Runner Sports}
With that being said, make sure you’re keeping your head warm with headbands and hats if you’re running outside, and staying hydrated throughout your runs with water, and gels/bars/supplements for your longer runs.. I am LOVING these Grab the Gold bars made locally right here in Tennessee–they are FABULOUS and oh so tasty!
I also ran across this article yesterday from Runner’s World which explains why you should incorporate long runs into your workout routine…since I am not training for a race currently, my long run this week will be 5 miles {easy peezy I know!}.
And on another topic: I am currently looking for a new pair of running shoes, perferrably Asics–yes, I am very brand loyal–any new styles out there you’re loving or recommending I buy??? Mine are at the end of their lifespan and I need some new lovelies to break out ASAP!!
  1. Caroline says:

    Loving these workout clothes. I need some new ones for the fall/winter, but I hate wearing long pants. I have to wear capris. I just get too hot!

  2. The Holmes says:

    I love Old Navy's workout gear. It's cheap and is durable. I'm also a fan on Target's.

  3. Joanna says:

    You're a runner as well I see? I'm an adidas girl all the way! Those workout outfits are very cute! Have a great week!

  4. I was in Old Navy a few days ago and noticed all of the great workout clothes that they have in stock right now. I wanted to buy a ton of it, but instead I bought some jeggings and an over-sized sweater 😉 gotta stock up on the cute clothes first…especially since I've been a stranger to working out these days.

  5. CMae says:

    I've worn Nike for the last 5 years and just ordered a new pair by adidas. They haven't come yet. I don't think one brand is way better than the other, you probably can't go wrong with stickin with your asics

  6. Becca says:

    Asics GT2150! Love love LOVE them!!! I got the black pair (bc my shoes tend to look a little rough from treadmill, pavement, etc. marks) and they are fab! They are the most comfortable running shoes and one of the highest picks too! {Plus I always get tons of compliments on them!! :)}

  7. Old Navy, I never would have thought. I'll have to go check it out! I am an asics girl too and love love love my Gel Nimbus shoes from them. I always get those. In fact, I'm due for a new pair soon so I can break them in before my race. Off to fleet feet for me.

  8. Sarah Mina says:

    I love those wide leg pants! My running shoes are Saucony and I also need a new pair, big time!

  9. Lindsay says:

    love all the work out clothes!! i seriously need to update my work out collection, i dont look cute when on the go lol 🙂 i just bought nike dual fushions, they are super comfy and really cushion my feet when i run….but then again, im not a hard core running so im not sure if that helps lol 🙂

  10. Ashley says:

    Just found your blog. Lovin' it!! New follower. Can't wait to read more 🙂

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2024 favs

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