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All the Details & The First Trimester…Months 1-3


January 3, 2013

I think this is a post a few of you have been waiting for 😉 My apologies it took a bit for me to get my act together!
First of all, I would like the say thank you to SO many of you who made this announcement so fun to make…from your thoughtful comments, texts, and emails to the well wishes for our family, I appeciate it more than you know. I’ve been told that baby #2 can get the “shaft” when it comes to excitement, but you made this just as fun to talk about as it was with Caroline and I couldn’t be happier to share this journey with you all over again ;).
So, with that being said, here are a few answers based on some questions I was given in regards to our little news:
1. When are you due? June 28, 2013. A summertime baby…oh heavens! I simply cannot wait (can you sense the total sarcasm) to wear a gorgeous maternity bathing suit to the beach in May :/. On the upside, I’m a July baby so it looks as though our house will be equal with 2 Pisces and 2 Cancers…the plot thickens my friends!
2. Was this pregnancy planned? To be honest…HECK NO! This was a total shock and one that I couldn’t have even fathomed in my wildest dreams. Yes, I know what causes this (seriously, why do people even have the audacity to ask that) and yes, I did freak out in the beginning…I was scared, sad at the thought that Caroline wouldn’t be the “baby” anymore, and a bit frustrated that I was going to go through another pregnancy so quickly, but then I thought about God blessing us with this miracle and I knew He knows what He is doing. (Remember, I am being honest! Having a baby is a huge thing and I am ecstatic that we get to have another, it’s just the timing was a little sooner than we had expected).
3. Do you know what you’re having? No, not yet. I am almost 15 weeks, though we absolutely will be finding out the sex sooner than later…you know we are planners and I need to know whether Caroline is going to have a little sister or brother. To be honest, I think it’s a girl…I believe we are destined for a house full of pink and I think Jeff is going to be outnumbered by a landslide-haha. If on the other hand God blesses us with a boy, I will be super excited, as I know Jeff really does want that father/son relationship like he had with his dad. As long as this peanut is healthy, that is all we care about. At my 12 week appointment, we heard a healthy, fast heartbeat of 165/bpm. I know, my mother’s intuition wasn’t correct with the first one so at this point, your guess is as good as mine! We are doing a small “reveal”, so I’ll let you in on our secret once friends and family are in the know.
4. Will you be documenting this pregnancy like you did with Caroline? Let’s face it, I am having a difficult time keeeping up with her monthly stat posts so I know myself and don’t think I’ll be doing the weekly fruit updates, but I promise to keep everyone informed about the big stuff we have going on and how everything is looking… Mom said we have to make sure we do fun things for #2 just like we did for Caroline and I definitely want to try my best to keep track of this special time too! Here is a little peak at how I’m looking right now: a little bloated, but no real “bump” as of yet.
5. Have you thought about how you’ll decorate another nursery? Well of course I have! We will be converting one of our guest bedrooms into another nursery…and just when I thought we’d only have one child in this house, I was wrong. I’ve been looking at a few options of furniture, colors, and such but more will be decided once we know if it’s a boy or girl. All in due time, but I promise to share inspiration and the progress of redecorating as we go!
So, with that being said, here is my first trimester update…far less to write and keep up with. I might be a slacker, but I am trying!

How Far Along? 14 weeks, 6 days…we’re into the 2nd trimester!
Size of the Wee One? Is it bad for me to tell you I haven’t been keeping up with this AT ALL? Let’s face it, Caroline is keeping me occupied so I haven’t been following the fruit progression.
Maternity Clothes? Nope. Heck No. I am boycotting those bad boys for as long as possible. I put those garments away for what I thought would be far longer…now some of you might realize why I didn’t do my maternity blog sale 😉
Weight Gain? I’ve gained 3 pounds so far… not too bad, but that is most certainly due to my awful bouts of morning/all day sickness and nausea. I was prescribed Zolfran to help combat those daily reminders and that helped a lot. I FINALLY have my appetite back, and have been taking advantage of all those yummy holiday goodies. (By the way, can I complain for a moment and say all this new year’s focus on losing weight and whatnot scouring the TV, internet, etc REALLY isn’t helpful for pregnant women? we have to gain weight so please stop with all the dieting, workout crap…i sound bitter, but it’s the truth!)
Stretch Marks? Rubbing all that fun, lovely smelling lotion on the belly, thighs, and booty all over again. I am REALLY trying to prevent these this time, too!
Gender? We don’t know that one little detail yet…my guess is a girl! We find out in 2 weeks so let the guessing commence.
Sleep? I am trying to get as much as possible, because I know it’s all downhill from here. As soon as we put CC to bed each night, I immediately climb in bed, snuggle up with the covers, and watch some TV or read before retiring about 9:30. Yes, I am old, but mama needs her sleep!
Food Cravings? All the sweet stuff AGAIN. Clementine oranges, ice cream, sweet tea, chocolate, and Captain Crunch cereal…covering all the major food groups if you will. Still not wanting too much meat, veggies, or the healthy stuff I usually eat.
What I Miss? My desire to work out. I ventured to the YMCA for the first time in over a month last week and it felt amazing. I’m hoping that since we are now in my favorite trimester I’ll get some of that motivation and energy back to do the things I love.
Symptoms? Nausea, indigestion, tiredness, pregnancy brain/forgetfulness, bloated belly
Belly Button? In…and it better stay that way for a LONG time.
Best Moment? Getting to finally spill the beans to everyone and planning for a fun gender reveal!

  1. Angela says:

    Congratulations! The best thing in the world is two siblings close in age and the friendship they will have in the future!

  2. Meredith says:

    Yay! Congrats again, I'm saying girl!!!

  3. you look so cute! congrats again! 🙂

  4. my sister & I are 20 months apart and I would be lost in this world without her. we have been roommates, went to the same college, lived in destin/30a together after graduation and have had other countless adventures together. i hope its a girl-your sister is the only person who truly knows you like the back of her hand. congrats!

  5. Allison says:

    Very exciting! Everything happens for a reason and this beautiful baby will bring so much joy to your family!

  6. Kristin says:


  7. You look amazing and you have a great outlook!! I'm so curious what promoted you to think you might be pregnant again? Did you start to have all the same feelings like before? I got really sick/nauseous a couple weeks ago and I was like…OMG, could it be?!

    Can't wait to find out if Baby #2 is a boy or girl!! So exciting!! xo

  8. Andee Layne says:

    love this post…so honest! Im def excited for you guys and to follow this journey with ya 😉 The hubby is SO ready for round two but I definitely feel like I need another year! You look great love!

  9. Congrats Natasha! I can't wait to read more blog posts about all the excitement 🙂

  10. Keri says:

    Such wonderful news and I look forward to following along!

  11. Hannah says:

    you look adorable! Congratulations again, I am excited to follow you along with your second as I am having my first.

  12. P*P*P says:

    So exciting! Can't wait to hear if your little baby is a boy or girl!

  13. Congrats! I had a horrible time with my middle kiddo so I totally understand what you mean about all-day sickness. Hopefully the Zofran will help you feel better soon:)

  14. You look SO amazing, Natasha! Gosh, I don't remember you having the nausea during Caroline? You are such a trooper!

    With plans for nursery #2, does this put the house building plans on hold?

    I know this was a surprise, but I am SO happy you are having #2 so quickly after Caroline. They will be best friends! xo

  15. Courtney says:

    My guess is girl for you! Can't wait to hear the news! 🙂

  16. Ashley Marie says:

    oh my goodness!! I am SO behind!!! Ah!!! I can't believe you are expecting again =) how very exciting!!!

  17. Allyce says:

    Congratulations and I love your honesty! Shocked but then of course onto the positive. You will be such a great mommy of two!

  18. Day Old News says:

    You are so adorable and I can't wait to see another perfect baby of yours!

  19. Brooke says:

    You look so great! I love how honest you are being, it is so refreshing. What an exciting time, Caroline will have so much fun with this new baby!!! Xo

    Hope you start to feel better soon!

  20. Danielle says:

    Congrats on baby #2. I must admit that I'm a little worried about being pregnant with a toddler. That first trimester was brutal!

  21. Nicole-Lynn says:

    So exciting! Loved this post. I enjoyed following all the updates when you were pregnant with Caroline. I hope you'll continue to update us frequently with this blessing, too!

    I'd also like to know when/how you found out you were pregnant. Did you just miss your (.) or did you just know to test because of how you felt?

    So excited for y'all!

  22. Sara Cate says:

    Congratulations again! I am 25 weeks along and and also have wanted to abandon meats and veggies – my normal meals. It really makes it tough. I hope you start to feel better soon! Happy new year.

  23. I loved reading this!!! You look so great and I can't wait to find out boy or girl 🙂 I have been feeling SO sick but it's negativo on a second bambino for now (according to Clear Blue)!

  24. Hailey says:

    You know how exciting this makes me :)!

    I'm with the few other girls, what made you think you could be Prego again?

  25. Congrats on your exciting news 😀 I can't wait to find out the gender!

  26. Laura Graham says:

    great update! I am shocked at how big my bump is compared to yours since we have the same due date! You look really awesome!

  27. whitney lowe says:

    Oh I bet its a BOY!!! So much of your pregnancy this time around sounds just like mine and Gage's heartbeat was 165 too!

  28. whitney lowe says:

    Oh I bet its a BOY!!! So much of your pregnancy this time around sounds just like mine and Gage's heartbeat was 165 too!

  29. whitney lowe says:

    Oh I bet its a BOY!!! So much of your pregnancy this time around sounds just like mine and Gage's heartbeat was 165 too!

  30. whitney lowe says:

    Oh I bet its a BOY!!! So much of your pregnancy this time around sounds just like mine and Gage's heartbeat was 165 too!

  31. Myrna Wilson says:

    Congrats and oh my god! Captain Crunch cereal! LOL!
    That was my one oddball craving during my pregnancy (Savannah is 19 days old today!).

  32. ginastorm says:

    Congratulations! I think you're having a boy too, but I'm ALWAYS wrong with guessing the gender of babies. It's actually funny how often I'm wrong!

  33. Sara says:

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed the announcement post while I was out of town! CONGRATS!! Woo hoo! So happy for you guys!

  34. kellyhicks says:

    Congratulations Natasha!! I had to reread your announcement post about a million times to make sure I got it right 😉 I had a little boy 2 weeks after you had Caroline so I have been reading your blog ever since. I think it will be so fun for you to have a playmate for Caroline. They will be the best of friends! 🙂 Congrats again!

  35. Amy Kelley says:

    Congratulations Natasha! I am due the same day with twins! =)

  36. Nat says:

    Congrats Natasha!! How exciting to have them so close in age! I'm due with my first in June and I'm also dreading trying to fit into a bikini or cute summer clothes!

  37. *Irene* says:

    Congrats!! Can I ask if you were breastfeeding or on any form of BC? I'm a little worried about getting pregnant myself. Thanks!

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