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Dear Carson…1 Month Old!


July 16, 2013

I know…just when you thought the baby times had come and gone around here, I go and start doing them all over again! It’s crazy to look back at Caroline’s 1 month update and see just how different my two girls are from one another-night and day I tell you…Here is the lowdown on Miss Carson:

mini meltdown approaching 😉 

Growing Like a Weed. Yes indeed my little one, you are growing right before my very eyes. You eat all the time you little ham and it shows. Gone are the frail little toothpick legs you had when you came into the world and now we’re starting to see some meat on those bones…yall know I love me some fat babies! I feed you every 2-3 hours and I cherish that time we have together more than you know…it’s our time for me to hold your hand, stroke your head, and just take every ounce of you in–that baby smell never gets old! In terms of feeding, you’re getting all “mama’s milk” and it’s going well so far (For those that asked, I plan to do a breastfeeding post soon so stay tuned!) As of your 2 week checkup, you weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces (25%) and were 20.5 inches long (50%). I bet you’ve gained at least another pound since then! You are still in newborn clothes and diapers (Huggies Pure and Natural and Pampers Swaddlers), but I think we’ll be changing out the wardrobe for 0-3 month clothes very soon!

 it doesn’t get any sweeter than this
All the Details. We lovingly call you “easy baby”, though you despise having your clothes and/or diaper changed…you wail and scream and fuss, which is funny, because your sister never did that. Maybe you won’t like to be naked as much as Caroline, and you might be a wee bit more modest than your mommy ;). This past week we gave you your first real bath, and we will just say you didn’t mind it…there were a few high pitched screams at first, but you relaxed and let me scrub you down. 
You sleep A LOT..thank the heavens! I can’t complain in that department…you haven’t had that many long stretches of sleep (the longest is 5 hours as of now), but as soon as you eat during those pesky nighttime feedings, you fall fast asleep within minutes. You sleep ever so soundly like a baby burrito wrapped in your Halo SwaddleMe Blanket…hallelujah!! 

In terms of interaction, you love to sit in your bouncy seat and check out the birds and listen to the sounds/music. You also love to sit in front of the window to get some vitamin D. You are extremely calm and don’t mind being set down…you usually will sit there and look around for a few minutes before sister comes over to try and give you a pacifier and/or blanket…she really loves you Carson!! 

We have done tummy time a couple of times, and you seem to enjoy it, though you fall asleep on most occasions sleepy girl. You love to lie on your back and look up at the activity mat…that can occupy you for at least 20-30 minutes each day. The sounds and blinking lights really grab your attention! Just like your sister, you can hold your head up for a few seconds…we grow them strong I guess ;). 
This month we celebrated your first holiday…Independence Day! We couldn’t watch fireworks because of the downpouring of rain, but we had you decked out in red, white, and blue of course (that’s all that really matters, right??). You also had lots of visitors come over to meet you, and we had Daddy’s family in town for the long holiday weekend so you could meet your cousin. We took you out to your first restaurant (Bosco’s) and you’ve been on plenty of walks around the neighborhood, too. Oh, and of course I couldn’t forget your first (OF MANY) photoshoots with Aunt Candice…I’ll be sharing your fabulous newborn pictures/announcements with everyone soon.

 carson, caroline, and elizabeth claire
 caroline showing carson all her shopping cart goodies 

I am REALLY enjoying the newborn stage all over again with you Carson. I know it’s ONLY going to get better the older you get, but I am relishing in these moments because I know it goes way too fast. I love to let you sleep on me, and can’t help but just sit there and watch you…melt my heart.
We love you very much Little Bit! OXOX

FYI: Month onesie stickers from Lucy Darling Shop via Etsy 

  1. Your girls are just too precious!I'm OBSESSED wit Carson's grey bow in the first picture!! Where did this come from? I must know 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    The girls are both so adorable, Natasha!! Are you less worried about things, like taking her in public, etc this time around?

  3. Jess Beer says:

    The pictures of the girls together and the matching outfits are TOO adorable. What sweeties!

  4. Your girls are beautiful!!!

  5. She is lovely, Natasha! What a good baby! And Carson is the sweetest big sister! She looks like she is so gentle with Carson!

  6. Hannah says:

    such sweet little girls! I love how they have matching outfits 🙂

  7. Sweet sisters! I think she is already looking a lot like Caroline!

  8. It's easy to forget just how tiny they are in the beginning! And Caroline is sooo sweet with her sister. ::heart melting::

  9. SO cute Natasha!!!! They are so cute!! I love that they have matching outfits!!!! And, I think they look a lot alike!! 🙂

  10. Katie says:

    She's precious! And those sisters together are just too much! Love the matching outfits =)


  11. Andee Layne says:

    So sweet! Cant believe she is already one month!

  12. Taylor says:

    She is a doll! Precious girls!

  13. Has it been a month already?! Oh, how time flies! Adorable girls!!

  14. They are so cute!!! There is nothing better than having a sister!

  15. kellyhicks says:

    OMG I cannot handle how cute Caroline is in the 3rd to last picture! And the kissing Carson pics – HEART melting!! You are one lucky Mama!

  16. Sweet sisters!!!


  17. Sara says:

    Love love love. She is so precious. And she sleeps! I think you should totally keep her. 🙂 And the matching outfits just killed me.

  18. Jordan says:

    I think she looks a LOT like Caroline! Looks like someone adores her little sister! 🙂

  19. So sweet I love that they are so close in age nothing like it!

  20. rachel says:

    Those pics of Caroline kissing sweet Carson…I mean! 🙂 They are both just precious. LOVE all of Carson's headbands! If Baby #2 is a girl I will definitely need those!

  21. how cute are they!! and when they match?! oh em gee!!!
    happy one month!

  22. Shari says:

    It's so cute to see how much Caroline is loving her baby sister. So sweet.

  23. JNoPie says:

    She is precious!

  24. Such a perfect little angel babe!!! {And being good to her momma with loving all that sleep!}. Her monthly onesie sticker is darling — one of the cutest I've ever seen! And the photos of her and CC just melt my heart…. nothing in this world like the love between siblings. They are going to have AN ABSOLUTE BALL TOGETHER!

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