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Thanks Be To God…Carson’s Baptism


November 4, 2013

This past weekend, we celebrated Carson’s christening with our family and friends. It was a wonderful occasion to have all of them together as we made a public declaration to devote our sweet baby to the good Lord and promise to guide her and teach her all about God. Here is a little bit more about her big day…

Me and my sweet babe…all smiles for her baptism!
 Our little family…complete with Mr. Monkey :/
(P.S. this was the only way we could get Caroline to take a picture–haha)
Carson and her godparents…look at that sweet happy baby
 Jeff’s family was able to come, too!! All the girls looking adorable
 All the grandparents
 Us with the wonderful brunch hosts…thanks Mimi and Pappy-you’re the best!!
  Gran and Papa’s turn…love them so! P.S. Caroline is eyeing Carson saying “no, you can’t have my monkey”
 Carson with Denise, Lauren, and Robert
 Mimi and Pappy with their 2nd grandbaby
 The circus show 😉
  Aunt Shell and Pattie…I think they win best picture for the day
 Alex and Carson
 These girls love her so much!!
 Gifts for the babe and her PERFECT birth print to match sisters
  Yummy cupcakes per Mimi 
 Mom and I…she is the best hostess!
Baptism Gown: The Plaid Rabbit

  1. Lots of great photos. Look like you guys had a great day.

  2. congratulations on Carson's christening – looks lovely!!

  3. Beautiful celebration! Congrats. What a beautiful family!

  4. CONGRATS, too cute!!!!! 🙂

  5. Jess Norden says:

    Beautiful pictures and family!!! What a lucky gal to have your as her mom! 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Such a great family you have Tash!

  7. Jodi says:

    So adorable. I love that birth print. Where is it from?

  8. So sweet! Looks like a beautiful way to celebrate the big day.

  9. Courtney says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful photos 🙂

  10. Beautiful, just beautiful! What a happy baby she is!

  11. KellyM says:

    Looks like such a beautiful day, your girls are adorable! And I have to add, how does your hair always look so fab!? I cannot for the life of me figure out the "beach wave" – you've mastered it!

  12. Andee Layne says:

    so precious!! You're so blessed have all your family in one place! xo

  13. What a happy babe!!! I just adore your family! And mimi is the cutest.:)

  14. so sweet. what a beautiful blessing!!!

  15. Carroll says:

    What a special celebration and such a wonderful time with family! I know you'll treasure all these sweet photos always. 🙂

  16. Hannah says:

    You look like you have the world's HAPPIEST baby! Those pictures are just beautiful!

    P.s. I'm heading to Nashville for the first time and loved your city-visit guide 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    Such a beautiful family! 🙂

  18. Samma says:

    Sweet girls! I think Monkey should be in every picture!

  19. Amanda Lee says:

    So sweet! And I LOVE your dress 🙂

  20. Jessi Otey says:

    beautiful! & I love your dress!!

  21. Such a beautiful blessing. Your girls are precious!

  22. Laura Graham says:

    What beautiful pictures! You look fantastic girl! Loved that carson was so happy for her pics!

  23. What a blessed baby girl!!!!! Every single one of these photos made me smile ….. that's a whole lot of love for sweet Carson. Praying that she seeks God's face throughout her life and finds hope, peace and true JOY through Him!!!

    Ps – please tell your mom that she looks like she's 40. But really.


  24. oh my goodness, I love the name Carson. So precious!!


  25. Brittani says:

    Oh bless you and your sweet family. Happy for you and the baptism of your little one 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


  26. What a beautiful day to celebrate such a beautiful child of God!

  27. Shawna B says:

    You find the cutest things for your girls! You need to do a post just on where to buy the best accessories! Also … Do you know the brand name of Carson's baptism gown? I'm searching right now and am having a hard time finding one I like. And where is her print from, love the simplicity!

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2023 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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