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Five on Friday…All Things Merry and Bright


December 13, 2013

One. Happy Christmas Card Displays
If we hadn’t just moved, I tell myself I would’ve come up with some fabulous way to display all the holiday cards we have received this year…I found so many cute and original ideas from the world of Pinterest and made a few notes to keep these so I can hopefully get around to it next year. Do you show yours off in a super creative way?

Two. Bunco Party Madness
Last night, Meg and I hosted our friends’ annual bunco celebration…all our girls huddled around, sipping on wine and indulging in tasty treats we cooked up-it was fabulous and even better because we had a festive pajama theme! Sign me up for any excuse to wear my yummies out in public 🙂
We had a holiday menu picked out for the big event and I had to share two of my favorites that I whipped up for the event…

Three. Happy Little Kitchen Corner
So, we moved into the new house and all things are going as planned…let’s just say mess is an understatement as to the current state we are living in. Two bathrooms being redone, hardwoods being put in several rooms, and demo work to boot. Who decides to do this right when they move AND during the holidays?? Us, that’s who… what in the heck were we thinking??? Mimi kindly reminded me that I signed up for this, but for now I’ll show you a little snapshot of a happy little place in the kitchen where nothing is being done and I have some festive decor put out.

Four. Dickens’ Christmas
This weekend is the Dickens of a Christmas event in downtown Franklin. I talk about this each and every year and it’s something we treasure doing as a family, with Mimi and Pappy of course! If you’re in or around Nashville it’s a must see during the holidays and a great way to get out and enjoy the cold weather…just make sure you grab a hot cup of coffee, too. Can’t wait to bundle up the babes and celebrate the season!

Five. Fun Little Friend Gifts
Earlier this week, I was having a rough patch and feeling stressed to the max. To the point where I had to take a few things off my plate and get some of the musts on my to-do list checked off, and I felt like I was drowning. Ever so kindly, two of my good friends Sarah and Tami came to the rescue, sending me a Starbucks card and dropping off a little bottle of bubbly and home baked goodies. Yes, can you tell they know what I like?? Suffice to say, they saved my day and brought a bit of cheer to my otherwise dreary day. Aren’t friends wonderful? They save the day yet again…love you girls SO much!

That’s it for this week’s roundup AKA Five on Friday fun! So glad you came to visit today…make sure to see what Darci, April, and Christina have going on, too and link-up below to join in on the party.

  1. I love the tree shaped display for cards. The Dickens of Christmas sounds so fun and a great Christmas tradition. Hope you have a fabulous time.

  2. Thanks for the link up! Loving the Christmas Card displays!! The food from your bunco party looks delish …and I LOVE the theme you went with!! How fun is that?! 😀 Hooray for a fabulously festive corner of Christmas goodness in your kitchen! {Hope you're feeling all cozy and settled in your new home soon.} Enjoy this weekend …. sounds like so much fun!! Happy Friday & Merry {almost} Christmas!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Thank yall for always taking the time to do the Link Up- really enjoy it!! I love the idea of hanging the cards on a tree/wreath – thanks for sharing!! The Dickens of a Christmas seems like such a fun event to go to as a family!!

  4. I'm loving the second Christmas card display! For a fun and easy display, I just took a wooden sign from Michael's (they have all sorts of cute little signs) and hot glue gunned about 3.5 feet of medium thickness red and green ribbon down the back. As Christmas cards came in, I simply got a little masking tape, rolled it up and stuck the cards to the ribbons. Easy, festive, and doesn't take up much space. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a lot is going on at home! Before you know it, it will all be over and you can enjoy your new place. Thank goodness for good friends.

  6. Megan says:

    Love the Christmas card holder ideas! It's on my DIY list…but may be bumped to next year!

    Thank goodness for girlfriends know exactly what we need! Makes life a little better during these stressful times!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Jess Norden says:

    Girlfriends are the best! You are so lucky to have some who will come to the rescue just when you need it. 🙂 I hope you have wonderful weekend and get settled a little more…we are going to be entering your territory next summer when our house is finally renovated. However, then we will start on the unit upstairs and be in the middle of construction, too. 🙂

  8. {Jessica} says:

    I don't have an official Christmas card display up and running this year either. But, for a quick fix for that: tape a ribbon (or tie it to one of those adhesive hooks that you can remove later without damaging the paint) to the inside of a couple of your kitchen cabinets or pantry door and let it run up and over the front. Then use little clothespins (or tape) to attach the cards to the ribbon. It looks super cute and is easy and simple!!! Good luck with all the housework and unpacking. Can't wait to see pics of your new place:)

  9. The Mrs. says:

    Boy is is good to have friends when you are over whelmed!!! My Christmas card display needs help! I get too many!!

  10. I love all those card displays. So unique!!

  11. Oh my gosh Natasha! i don't know how you're keeping it all together! I would be losing it. But just keep in mind that by next year it will all be done and in place!!

  12. You have the best girlfriends (and Mimi) ever! Have fun at Dickens this weekend! And I am still jealous about your Bunco night!

  13. that poke cake looks way too dangerous for me to make! We decided to start painting our kitchen cabinets, so I'm right there with ya. Why why why!

  14. Love that your friends dropped by with a few saving graces!! I can totally relate to the overwhelmed feeling (minus the two babes, renovations and having just moved into a new home…. so okay, maybe I can't quite relate!). I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! That festival looks like a dream!

    Happy weekend, dear! XO!

  15. Ashley says:

    Such sweet friends! I hope your week is going much better, those two adorable little girls and handsome husband can make everything seem much less important and stressful, I'm sure 🙂

  16. How cool is that "Dickens Christmas"? A town just outside of Tuscaloosa did that this year. I'm hoping to get us there next Christmas to check it out. Looks wonderful!

  17. We have a fabulous little Chef Nutcracker guarding a corner of our kitchen. He's the perfect little hint of Christmas in a kitchen where ManFriend has sworn off most things merry and bright. He gives me the rest of the house for a Christmas extravaganza I supposed the kitchen can stay his manly cooking space. Oh the joys of compromise.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,

  18. LOVE the Christmas card idea! I need to come up with a fun way to display mine as well! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  19. Kelly Sue says:

    Ok, so I made that poke cake for our neighborhood Christmas party and OMG, It was to die for! Thanks for sharing!!

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