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The Year in Review…2013 Edition


January 2, 2014

I love looking back at the old before making way for the new…a yearly tradition I always make sure to do on here, just so I can see what that events comprised that specific time in my life. Considering I am two years behind on making family photo albums, I’d say this is a win 🙂 Here we go, a picture rewind of 2013: 
Made sure to capture my growing bump as we went public that we were expecting #2
Celebrated a fancy Valentine’s Day with Caroline and Daddy with a fun dinner at Urban Grub
Baby loves her sunglasses
Spent afternoons savoring this sweet girl and soaking up all the baby cuddles and snuggles
CC with her best friend Lambie 
Spent a fun weekend in Memphis with my DG ladies…can’t wait to do it again next month!!
More of my adorable little fashionista
Celebrated Aaron’s big 30th birthday party…Meg did him right with a fabulous party!
Went for a special ultrasound where we found out Caroline was getting a little sister!!
Had way too many playdate get togethers with these lovely ladies and their minis…OXOX
Spent some time with the best friends!! 
Threw a fun (and yes, over the top) party for Sweet Caroline’s 1st birthday 
 That cake…oh so yummy
 Love the amazement in her adorable little face
 get it girl! 
 Miss CC learned how to master the fretful frown and fake cry
 The Easter Bunny came to visit!!
 Celebrated Easter with the family
Spent an afternoon at Cheekwood documenting Caroline’s 1st year pics with Aunt Candice
 Hot Diggity Dog Dance
 Realized when baby wants to walk around with no pants, she always wins 🙂
 Ventured to Ktown in April to meet our niece, Elizabeth Claire
 Enrolled CC (and Daddy) in baby swimming lessons at the YMCA 
 Holy moly, I was large and in charge!! (this is from April) 
 Enjoyed water time as much as possible…baths, water tables, and swimming pools, too
 Celebrated  with the girls at the last of the “beeshes” wedding as we watched Hurt marry David


Toured one of our favorite locations as much as possible…the zoo!
 Attended friendly picnics and parties…this one for the Masters Tournament 
  Went on our annual family beach vacation…this time, Rosemary Beach Florida
 CC taking in some sun on the lawn
 Me and my sweet beach babe
 Mimi with her little doll
  Miss Caroline mastering her social media skills 😉 
 Received a two week early surprise as Miss Carson decided to make her debut on June 15th
Mimi and Pappy there for the big celebration!
 And just like that, she was here… 6 pounds, 8 ounces of pure perfection
 Departed for home…and officially became a family of four 
 Got loving from Carson’s new aunties and BFFs, Bev and Meg 
 Caroline learned to love her “sees-terr”
Spent time with the wee ones…learning to mastering the mother of two thing
(and still learning this as we speak…not sure I’ll ever conquer)
 My sweet little fam
Turned the Big 3-0 in July and celebrated with the best friends a girl could ask for
 Got CC all ready for her first year of Mother’s Day Out
Went to the Williamson County Fair so Caroline could experience her first carnival rides
 Learned that you really can love #2 JUST as much as #1…and that each child is oh so different 😉
 Had some fun nights out on the town with friends
Spent loads of afternoons with my girls, playing and enjoying the summertime temps
Captured Little Bit’s first few months of growing, growing, growing

 Realized you can only dress them alike for so long, so we will relish EVERY moment of it 😉 

and now Caroline has a love of all things transportation

 finished decorating Miss Carson’s nursery
Celebrated Carson’s baptism
 Did a little pumpkin patching for Halloween
 gave in to the matching costumes…haha, I love this picture
 watched as button developed the sweetest personality…she has smiles for days I tell you
 Did a little Black Friday shopping with my two best shopping buddies
 naked babies are the cutest
kisses for sister!!
 said goodbye to our first home 
 decorated a new tree in our new home
counted down the days until Christmas
and spent the holidays nestled at home with two sick wee ones 🙁

Christmas Eve at our house…sweet Mimi and Pappy brought dinner 

over for us to enjoy since we couldn’t go to church or dinner out

 someone LOVES her new cleaning items
Carson’s goodies from Santa, Mimi and Pappy, and Us
  and Caroline’s sweet packages
Christmas Day morning
 CC with her new American Girl Bitty Baby
 Carson loves her new xylophone!

It’s big another crazy, jam packed year for our family, and 2013 flew by like a whirlwind…we welcomed a precious new gift from God, packed up our first home and then moved into a new one, and savored each and every moment together that we could. 2014 is shaping up to be another big one for the four of us, and I hope you’ll continue to read along and savor the sweet moments, too! Many well wishes friends…and thanks for letting me share a bit of this year’s past with you!!

  1. Wow what an amazing year you've all had!! Don't you just love looking back on all the wonderful moments that happened throughout the year? Make you really very thankful for sure 🙂

  2. HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN A BAD PICTURE A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!? You and your family are absolutely beautiful! What an awesome year ya'll had! Hope 2014 is just as exciting if not more!

  3. LOVED recapping your past year! So many blessings!! Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!! xo

  4. WOWZA! Y'all really have had quite a year!! I always tell my husband though that I love that we're always so busy! If we weren't that would mean we don't have much of a life or friends or family! HAHA! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings y'all! Happy New Year!

  5. Meredith says:

    I'm with Summer you always look great in pictures, even right after child birth, what's the secret!!! What a year!!! Happy New Year!!!

  6. Your girls are absolutely beautiful! My daughter is also a CC! Congrats on such an exciting year!

  7. Cherish says:

    Oh my goodness, Rendezvous! Their ribs are SO good! Looks like you had a fabulous year with your adorable girls and hubby. Happy New Year!

  8. Oh Canada's says:

    Hi Natasha! Happy New Year! What kind of kitchen is that?? Trying to decide what kind to get my kids.

  9. Hannah says:

    This is so cute! You are the most adorable pregnant woman 🙂

  10. Candice Lynn says:

    Mary Hayes looks SO little in that group pic! Carson's pic from the hospital looks identical to big sister CC. and the snarl face in the pic where Caroline is in the wagon thing behind the car….classic.

  11. Awe such a sweet year in rewind. 2013 was good to you and your girls are precious.


  12. Loved this yearly review!! You are truly blessed with the most beautiful little girls and I am always in awe of their cute outfits. I hope 2014 brings you and your family many great memories!

  13. Ashley says:

    Melt my heart, you have the cutest little girls ever! Absolutely love the 'kisses for sister' picture – SO sweet!!!

  14. Amanda S. says:

    You have such a beautiful family! Looks like you all had a wonderful year and I hope 2014 is even better! 🙂

  15. Meghan says:

    You had a very busy and fulfilling year… And looked great the whole time! Happy New Year!

  16. What beautiful photos!! I'm amazed at how you're adorable to get two girls in such cute, matching outfits, with ribbons and all! Happy New Year!

  17. Sonja says:

    Ah! I have so many things I want to comment on but I could make a whole other blog post! lol You are so gorgeous and your girls are just adorable! I completely expected a pregnancy announcement at the end of this post LOL Thanks for sharing 2013 with us! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings y'all! xo

  18. Arielle says:

    Aww loved it! CC is so sweet to Miss Carson, and I love that pink play kitchen she got for Christmas! 🙂

  19. Jamie Vespa says:

    Awwww what I wonderful, happy year for you!!!! I hope 2014 brings lots more happiness!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  20. Nat says:

    Loved your recap! You all had quite a year- can't wait to see what 2014 holds for you!

  21. Kelly-Belly says:

    Wow, so many blessings! : )

  22. jamiesmith23 says:

    What a sweet post! I loved reliving the year with you friend!! Hopefully 2014 will include a trip to Tennessee for us!! =) xoxo!

  23. Tara says:

    Your family is just so precious! Loved seeing all your blessings in review, and I hope 2014 is just as good to you 🙂

  24. KW says:

    well, i've just come back to the blog world and caught up on your DARLING family! congrats lady, looks like you had a PRECIOUS 2013, here's to an amazing 2014!!!

  25. Rychelly says:

    What an amazing year and the sweetest little girls! Happy New year!!

  26. Jackie says:

    What a wonderful year you had! You have a beautiful family too! Where did you get your cute teal/blue pjs in your Christmas pictures?

  27. Cami says:

    What an amazing year with your beautiful family! I love looking back on our year too. 🙂 Here's to a very happy 2014!

  28. you girls are so adorable!! i have to ask where did you get the monthly stickers for your daughter!? they are SO cute. i recently just ordered some and they looked nothing like the ones on her site ! ugh.

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