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Q&A Session with The Home Edit… All Things Organization and a Giveaway!


September 7, 2015

Type A over here… just obsessing on how I can get the house organized for fall, even though I know everyone is all about the “spring cleaning”, nope not me. It’s time to do it again before the hustle and bustle of the holidays nears so I enlisted the services of Joanna and Clea of The Home Edit to come over and do a fun overhaul on our kitchen pantry AKA the food kitchen. 

You never know who you’re going to meet at Starbucks, I swear… I meet other small business owners there all the time. I was there a few months ago meeting with another blogger when Joanna came by and introduced herself after overhearing our conversation about being working moms trying to juggle growing a business. She had just moved to Music City from San Francisco so we exchanged business cards and went on our way. 
Fast forward to us getting together at you guessed it, Starbucks, and we sat down to talk about networking, growing your business, etc. She offered to come over to help me organize and I got really really excited… I love all things organization, yet the time to do it hasn’t happened lately so Joanna and her business partner Clea to the rescue.
Here are a few pictures of our kitchen pantry after they worked their magic on the space:

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s crazy to me how small improvements really can go a long way for a space we use every single day. And I am proud to report that we are keeping it organized and tidy!! So, today I asked the ladies behind The Home Edit to stop by, pay us a visit, and join us for a little Q&A on all things organization: 

1. Tell Us a Little About Yourselves and How You Met Each Other: 

Joanna: I moved to Franklin (Tennessee) about 1.5 years ago with my family from San Francisco- for my husband’s great job opportunity.  And, aside from leaving some close friends back on the west coast, the only other major sacrifice would be relocating my thriving business- “joanna and company- saving time for busy people” to Tennessee.  

Fortunately, I was able to meet wonderful new clients very soon after moving here and relaunched my organizing business in the summer of 2014.  
Clea: My family and I recently moved to Nashville from Los Angeles, and I was being introduced to everyone’s friend, cousin, sister, aunt, and former co-worker who lived in middle Tennessee. One of the people I was lucky enough to meet became a fast friend, and without wasting any time, she connected me to Joanna knowing I would hit it off with her as well. Our personal and professional histories are so similar, that after about 10 minutes, we knew it was a match made in OCD heaven. 
Joanna: We knew we HAD to marry our talents and build a joint venture together. So, The Home Edit was born.  

2. Describe yourself in four words: 
Joanna: non-judgmental, patient, fun-loving and productive 
Clea: social, creative, meticulous, loyal

3. Give us some info about your clientele, what you do for them, services offered, etc. 

We are a full-service home organization company that helps our clients do everything from de-cluttering crowded rooms to unpacking from a move to styling each desk drawer and pantry…so each new space provides both form and function.  We help a range of clients: from high powered professionals to stay-at-home moms all over the greater Nashville area.

4. What is one of the hardest things about owning your own business? What is one of the best?

One of the hardest things about owning our own business is wanting to work and think about the business all of the time – we are both workaholics :)… so it can be hard to separate ourselves from it when we’re home. One of the best parts is that we’re able to grow and develop as we see fit. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities and to recognize that it’s all in our hands. 

5. What are your must have purchases for tackling organization? 

A label maker, a variety of bins and baskets (from wicker to wire to plastic), and measuring tape.  

6. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

Joanna: To be patient with other people’s struggles and adversities – everyone is dealing with something…and the circumstances might not be immediately obvious. 

Clea: Figure out what you do best: what you do better than most people… and follow that path. You won’t be disappointed. 

7. What do you see on the calendar for your business in 2016? 
Huge growth, local partnerships, and an established Nashville brand. 

8. What do you love most about your job? 

Joanna: I LOVE helping my clients organize their space/s (home office, master bedroom retreat, etc.) so that they feel calm and efficient when they start and finish each day. Loving your space and having it function at it’s maximum capacity can transform your mood and general productivity level.

Clea: I love seeing a space come together. It is the most gratifying feeling to take something from clutter and chaos to simple, efficient, and styled. I also love that we get to take a point of difficulty and frustration out of someone’s life. 

9. Show us some of your favorite projects

Nashville friends… interested in working with the ladies from The Home Edit?? They have graciously offered to giveaway a 3-hour pantry organization package to one lucky reader. All you need to do is the following: 
1) Follow us on Instagram: @the_home_edit 
2) Like their giveaway post 
3) Leave a comment using the hashtag #thehomeedit
  1. Hannah says:

    Love this! I with they were in ATL because that is exactly what I need 🙂

  2. Love this post! Happy to see small businesses being supported!
    Are you going to do more home tour posts?

  3. Jennifer says:

    so jealous of your pantry!!

  4. Great! I look forward to it!

  5. Jillian says:

    wowzahhh so beautiful! i love your pantry. organization is theeeee best! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

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