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five on friday [times two]… more confessions


October 28, 2016

one. Christmas is in 57 days and it’s giving me anxiety… I am usually so far ahead when it comes to prep and purchasing gifts by this point and this year all I can do is say HAHAHAHAHA.
However, I have already ordered our Minted Christmas Cards so that’s a major win, right?!?!?!

two. Is the election over yet??? I can’t take anymore Facebook commentary and opinions… it’s exhausting and news flash, your two cents probably won’t change anyone’s mind. I think the best we can do is pray for our country and agree to disagree. Rant over ;).

three. My best friend’s baby shower is this weekend and I am SO excited to spoil those babies silly…and maybe eat some yummy treats and sweets, and spend time with friends who are coming in from out of town!!

four. I had someone DM me on Instagram telling me I have a “kid” voice and they would like to continue following me if I can stop talking like that??? Where do people come up with this stuff… sometimes you just have to laugh it off, SERIOUSLY.

five. This sounds whiny, but I’m burned out from blogging lately. I think a realistic goal in 2017 is going to be to blog less. It’s a creative outlet and something I enjoy, but something has to give with this lady’s schedule, so I am hoping for richer content but fewer posts. Thoughts?!?!?

six. I still have clean laundry sitting in the dryer from almost a week ago… who am I these days?!?! Anyone have any laundry tips that will get me to actually FINISH a load and put it away, I would be grateful.

seven. I’m tired of taking care of the bunny… Lulu is sweet and has a great disposition, but she has most certainly destroyed our coffee table by chewing on the sides of it and I swear all I do is pick up her poop all day, every day. Damn you Santa!!! However, having said that, the girls are learning a valuable lesson about having a pet and caring for her and that is something that I’m glad that’s a valuable lesson they are helping with early in life… and no, we are not giving her away so no pet bashing please.

eight. I didn’t have to buy Halloween costumes for the girls this year and I don’t feel bad about it… I asked each of them no less than 2746484 times what they wanted to dress as, and they always came back with the same answer… AKA Disney princess outfits we already own… heck yes! Now I can spend more money on the candy and cocktails.

nine. We were talking to some friends last weekend about date nights and how often they occur… they said they try to do one each week, and I’m pretty sure my mouth fell on the floor. Am I the only one that MAY have a date night every 2-3 months or so?!?!?! We can barely get our schedules to align for dinner at home together, much less out with a babysitter… marriage fail!!

ten. I’m tired of my current hairstyle… my stylist wants to get me to try the whole balayage highlight thing and of course I love the way it looks, but I get nervous about making major hair changes. I know, I am a weenie… anyone had this done and love the final outcome?!?!?

Anything you’re dying to get off your chest this week?!?!?! HAPPY FRIDAY LOVELIES

  1. Kelly says:

    I haven't even given a THOUGHT to Christmas yet. Ah well! It'll come with time, right?
    So agreed on being over all the political fighting. I went ahead and early voted so I can stop thinking about it / reading about it / dealing with the nonsense anymore. (And hopefully shut my own damn mouth on Facebook… pregnancy makes me so hot tempered so I've been admittedly TERRIBLE about "starting stuff" on there. Such an awful outlet… Cringe.)
    Why on earth did someone think you would care in the slightest what they think about your voice? It's not like you need to retain some crazy person as a follower! Wow.
    Quality > quantity. Ain't nobody got time to blog all the live long day!
    If you figure out how to finish laundry, let me know your secret. We have a pile of folded laundry sitting on our couch. FOREVER.
    I'm over my cats. I have this temporary insanity that makes me want to get a poodle for Lilly for Christmas this year but I feel like it's a terrible idea… especially with a newborn coming in Feb/Mar… Someone talk me off the ledge.
    We DEFINITELY don't do a regular date night!!!! We went to a concert on Tuesday and tried to remember the last time we went out. Jury's still out, but we were thinking maybe it was our anniversary in July?
    I've been thinking about balayage too! I like that it looks natural but still gorgeous / different. Seems easier to maintain than my normal highlights (which are grown out a good inch and a half right now…). Particularly lovely in the colder months when we gravitate darker. But a lot of times I miss having bright blonde hair when I do go "darker." I regretted cutting off my length this pregnancy (it was my security blanket!) so I'm afraid I'll regret this too but I'm still considering it. Keep us posted!!! And have a great weekend!!!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    FYI – The address is showing….you might want to hide it 🙂

  3. Date nights once a week?! WHAAAA?! Do they have kids?! There's no way possible that could ever happen in our household. We are lucky if we do one every two months!

  4. My laundry tip…one load a day and put it away! Always do one load of laundry everyday (could be towels, clothes, sheets, etc.) and fold it and put it away that same day. I started this about 2 months ago and it's amazing how my laundry room stays clean and it never seems like such a daunting task to do the laundry when I only have to do one load.

  5. JaxVollat says:

    If it makes you feel better – my husband and I have only had like 2 real date nights since Leah was born (16months ago!). We don't have grandparents here – so getting a babysitter is hard. Sometimes just making dinner and watching our favorite tv shows after Leah goes to bed is considered a "date". Haha.
    And the fact that someone said you had a "kid" voice is ridiculous. Some people are so absurd!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. Okay, why would someone say that to you? The things that people comment make me eye-roll so hard. Ugh! And once-a-week date nights?! Whoa! We're like y'all…maybe, MAYBE once every few months. It's just so hard with a 2.5-year-old and a 5 month old, and trying to coordinate a babysitter, and the list goes on. I'd rather just have some wine on the patio when the kids are in bed!

  7. Toni :O) says:

    Haha my husband and I have a 17 year old and 13 year old and we rarely manage a date night and we can leave them home alone!! Ahhh it's just a crazy life right now. Cannot understand why people would rip you on your voice!! What the heck?! ?

  8. Tess says:

    I'm impressed you've ordered xmas cards! I'm still in denial that it's almost Halloween!!!!!

  9. Kelley Elisa says:

    amen to the rabbit responsibilities being more than you thought! I cannot get my son's bunny to stop chewing in the baseboards no matter how much paper, cardboard or pieces of wood I leave on the floor for her. It's driving me nuts!!! Who knew they pooped that much?!

  10. Rebekah Ann says:

    I agree with so many of your points. Christmas has seemed more stressful this year than in the past. I am tired of the election drama.

  11. Lindsay F. says:

    THANK YOU for your brutally honest post!! One of the many reasons I love reading your blog. #keepitrealsister Dates?? What are those? Laundry?? Pshhh…. I'm sitting next to three overflowing baskets. LuLu is so stinkin precious. I've always had bunny envy but I'm not sure I can take on anymore than our two dogs. I love how often you post but I totally get blogger burnout. Do what's best for you!!! Again, thanks for keeping it real. Oh and to the person who can't stand your voice…. I would have two words for them and they aren't very lady like so I'll just leave it right there. 🙂

  12. I'm going to come back and read the comments for laundry tips, too! At least you know you're not alone! Haha one thing that helps me is to only use one hamper… so I take the dirty clothes to the laundry room and leave the hamper there while the laundry is going, then use the same hamper to take the clean clothes to my bed to fold. That way, if I'm tempted to leave the clean clothes in the dryer or hamper, I have no hamper and have to throw my dirty clothes on the floor of my bedroom, which drives me crazy. And when the clean clothes are on my bed to be folded, it encourages me to just put them away before going to bed. Just little mind tricks but they work for me 🙂 and I think the balayage would look great! It seems to look good on most people who try it and doesn't seem like it's too crazy dramatic of a change… If I were still coloring my hair, I would do it, so I say go for it!

  13. RachelO says:

    Who is your hairstylist? Is she in B'wood? I've been wanting to try out balayage but not all stylists can do the technique. Thanks!

  14. Your voice is going to make someone unfollow you? OMG. I am laughing so hard."Here, let me quick change that for you." And you're voice is not kid like at all!! Gosh, some people!

    And go for the balyage!!! You will LOVE IT!!!

  15. Jane Marsh says:

    Yeah, due to election drama Christmas may be more stressful than the previous one.

  16. Christmas? When? Really? Oh goodness… You are not alone sweet friend!!!
    Definitely do your hair – I think it will look fabulous! x

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