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Travel Easily with EzPacking


October 27, 2016

Packing… it’s one of those chores that most people despise, yet I LOVE to pack… weird, huh?!?!?! It could be the type-A in me or the fact that I love the Tetris-feel of packing a suitcase for a trip and making sure everything has its proper place, but it’s a task I certainly don’t mind.

Today I’m joining forces with EzPacking to talk about their system and how it helps me pack more efficiently and easily… perfect for so much upcoming travel for the holidays and such!

All the essentials you’ll ever need, in one Complete Bundle… I’ve laid everything out above so you can see all the components of the set. Even better, you can select two color options so if you are sharing a suitcase with your significant other or don’t need all the cubes, you can share the love, while still keeping your items organized and separated. I selected the Fuchsia Pink and Gray colorways and I love that it helps make the contents of my suitcase color-coded, too.

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday for someone who literally has everything!!?!? Bet they don’t have one of these. As an adult, let’s face it… we love the practical gifts that actually serve a purpose and this is one we can all appreciate.

PACKING BOARDS… yes, this takes me back to my days of working retail in high school and college and having to constantly use folding boards to stack clothing in the stores. Now I have my very own set and I may have started using them for Jeff and the girls’ laundry too… they keep all our stuff folded nicely without wrinkles and condense the amount of space we take up in closets AND suitcases.

When I travel, I like to keep my suitcase organized… for instance, I use one cube for workout clothes, one cube for bras/undies, another for dresses, etc. It makes the process so much easier once I arrive at my destination as well. 

And don’t forget about the handy-dandy duffel, shoe, and laundry bags that also come in the Complete Bundle… helpful add-ons that keep your shoes in one place and worn clothes separated from the clean stuff on the way home, that fold into themselves, making it easy to carry in a suitcase, but then expand to their full size when needed.

I also found their toiletry cubes to be a convenient fit, as I can take my full-size products and keep them confined for my checked baggage. Amen to the clear design so I can find my items quickly without having to scour through every.single.thing I brought along.

The finished product, packed nicely in my luggage, just itching to go somewhere fun! Traveling to visit loved ones over the holidays?? Grab your EzPacking Cubes and take some unnecessary stress off your plate! P.S. use this link to save 10% on your order!

You can also visit YouTube for a video of EzPacking in action!

++thanks to EzPacking for collaborating on this post… collaborations like these make my blog possible and I am grateful for the opportunity++

  1. I'm going to Florida tomorrow for a Bachelorette and wish I had these! I loathe packing only because it's a process for me and I want to avoid that inevitable overpacking!I also LOVE LOVE freebie hotel shower caps for shoes. I may or may not hoard them on work trips.

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  3. Rasel Khan says:

    Nice packing system love it

  4. I travel all the time and I feel like this would make it even easier for me! Love the idea of this system!

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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