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My Nighttime Skincare Routine | 2020 Edition


January 8, 2020

Last time we touched base on all things beauty, I shared My Morning Skincare Routine. Not much has changed in that daily rotation, but I wanted to continue the conversation and have a little chat about what I am doing each and every night as of late for my nighttime skincare routine to combat aging, fine lines, wrinkles and all those other pesky things none of us like to note. And yes, a continued focus on self-care in 2•0•2•0 is of highest priority for this gal, so I am hoping this helps you take care of yourself as well!!!

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | 2020 Edition by popular Nashville life and style blog, Hello Happiness: image of Tula skincare products, Roc eye cream, Caudalie Brightening Glycolic Essence, Kate Somerville acne treatment, Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula oil, and a micro needling tool.

Having said that, before I get down to the nitty gritty, I do want to preface this post by mentioning that YES, I get Botox on the regular [every 3-4 months] and also do a bit of filler in my lips… these additions have helped make me more confident and for ladies in Nashville and/or Atlanta, I go to the skincare gurus at SkinPharm— the ONLY practice I trust and recommend when it comes to filler, Botox, microneedling and peels. They’re treated me for years now and I cannot say enough great things about their incredible girl gang of bosses + total beauties.

Now, back to the business at hand. Let’s dive right in talk the total process, broken down into steps [because I know it can get overwhelming] and I’m hoping this helps shed some light into everything I use each night–P.S. no I am no certfied beauty expert by any way, shape or form–this is just what I use and how I incorporate each product:

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | 2020 Edition by popular Nashville life and style blog, Hello Happiness: Pinterest image of an Evening skin step by step guide.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine


Tula Purifying Cleanser. [$22 with code NATASHA20] | This is the same cleanser I use each morning AND night… I’ve used this facial wash for almost a full year now and I am still hooked. It’s great for normal skin, but also effective as a gentle cleanser for sensitive-skin peeps like myself. It doesn’t dry my skin out like other products and it won’t break the bank. You can also score 20% off with my code NATASHA20 on any and all Tula products on their website. They also offer an acne foam cleanser for those of you who may be prone to breakouts. I use this PMD cleansing brush and just apply a few drops of the cleanser, turn it on and let it work its magic. These makeup removing washcloths also work well and are great for taking along with you when you travel.

P.S. when it comes to eyes, I swear by the Beautycounter Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I use totally waterproof/no-smudge/all day stay eyeliner and this is the only product that removes every single bit of it!


Caudalie Brightening Glycolic Essence | Another product I SWEAR by and use at morning and night. It helps brighten and balance my skin and takes off the extra dirt and debris [and oh goodness if you aren’t using a toner you need one ASAP]. The glycolic acid removes the dead skin cells. To use, I dab a handful of drops into a cotton round. Then use all across my face, neck and chest for the ultimate in balanced skin. Another option I use on the regular are these Brightening Pads from Skin Pharm–packed with brightening and soothing ingredients, they definitely give that “dewy glow” and help to renew skin cells!


This is where it gets tricky because I think the world of serums is completely overwhelming and I love so many that it’s hard to just pick one. So, I’ll share two that I love EQUALLY and rotate between. First up, the Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum. For some reason, I always go back to this fav because it works wonders. It helps smooth my skin and helps to dimish dark spots that I’ve got on a few areas on my face. Another serum I love, but use sparingly because it’s an investment is the Neocutis Bio Serum Anti-Aging Treatment. Packed with collagen to fight aging, I’ve seen a major visual difference in my skin after using it a few times each week. It also tightens and plumps and my fine lines seem much smaller, especially around my mouth and crow’s feet.

Finally, I do use retinol at least once a week and this is what I incorporate: Neocutis Nouvelle Retinol Cream. My skin can be sensitivie when it comes to retinol, which is why I don’t use it daily, but this one reduces the wrinkles and takes away any blotchy-ness… it’s an investment, but lasts FOREVER since I only use it 1/2 times each week.


I think it’s more important to splurge on serums + eye creams so I love the fact that my Hydrating Day and Night Cream is a mere $41 with my code NATASHA20. It’s SUPER moisturizing without feeling oily on your skin, but definitely helps fight dry winter skin. I love that it can do-it-all and is packed with probiotics + superfoods for that perfect daily glow and only a quarter-sized amount is all you need to work its magic.


Oh if  only I could count how many eyecreams I have tried… just trust me, the list is long on this one my friends. I have two that I have found that work wonders and one is the RoC Retinol Eye Cream I started using last fall. At under $25, I was pleasantly surprised in how well it combatted those pesky crow’s feet lines around my eyes as well as the dark under eye cirlces and puffiness. Now, if you’re willing to invest in a derm-brand that’s going to last you a LONG time, scoop up the Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream. Hands down its the best I’ve found at combatting everything eyes… it definitely works and reduces all the wrinkles and is packed with hyaluronic acid = the magic ingredient!


I’ve used the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil for more than two years and it is AMAZING! It helps rejuvenate skin from dryness and is all about anti-aging… the antioxidants are great for evening out your skin and is proven to reverse aging = hands down why I use it!

Now some of you may not have any issues with adult acne and I don’t most of the time, but when I do get the occasional breakout I have two options I go to for spot treament: the Kate Somerville Eradikate. and Tula Acne Spot Treatment. A little dab will do you for these bad boys and they both zap the zit effectively, although if you have a larger blemish go for the Eradikate because it contains 10% sulfur!


Self Tanning Drops. You all know I live for a faux glow and these self tanning drops are EASY PEASTY to use to get that everyday glow we all want! I use 2/3 drops mixed with my Tula Moisturizer and then rub on my face and overnight a subtle hint of color develops. I use shade Dark for reference.
Eye Masks. I love a good mask and even better when I can find one that’s JUST for the eyes… these golden eye masks are ALWAYS in my beauty basket and I usually travel with them as well! They work best for curing tired eyes, puffiness and dark circles and the $25 price point is great for 6-pairs!
Facial Masks. Let’s hear it for masking Monday–yes I made that up and yes, I live by that motto. Once a week, I try to treat my skin to a mask and I love these Hydrogel Masks. They come in a 4-pack for $28 [less 20% with code NATASHA20] and they are great for nourishing your skin and brightening before bed. I love that they feature chamomile to calm and soothe my skin after a long day and are packed with probiotics to help keep my face super moisturized!
Lip Mask. Amazon for the win!!! I’ve used this overnight lip sleep mask for more than a year now and am only on jar two = definitely worth the $20 investment. It helps combat dry, chapped lips and I love the subtle sheen it leaves. A great way to keep those pouts perfectly protected.
Microneedling Regeneration Tool. Yes, I have become addicted to the BeautyBio line and even more obsessed with this at-home microneedling system. Basically, it’s a tool that helps to create firmer skin, while also helping deepen skincare absorption = making your products work even deeper!! It uses LED-light therapy for cell restoration and turn the clock back.
What’s your nighttime skincare routine? Let me know in a comment below!

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