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January 6, 2023

Here we go… the post you’ve all been waiting for! I am SO excited to be participating in my second Tighter Together Challenge from Madeline Moves. If you’ve been keeping up with my fitness routine as of late, you know I have been loving the weekly moves from Madeline and so joining the challenge again was a no brainer as we walk into 2023. And it’s called tighter TOGETHER for a reason so I expect lots of you to join me so we can hold each other accountable and start the year off strong!

I am here to answer all of your most asked questions in regards to the TT Challenge but first, here is snapshot of the most important details and highlights.

Timeframe | The challenge begins on Monday, January 9th so you have a few more days to get on board! The timing is perfect for jumpstarting on those New Years goals and going into the year off prioritizing your health… what could be better?! Especially if you’re like me and have some fun trips + travel planned this spring and summer.

Cost/How to Sign Up | One thing I love about this challenge is how accessible it is for anyone! The price point is truly unbeatable compared to other programs that offer similar details. It’s just $50 for the full
5-week program, which includes workouts, recipes, a private FB community group, and personalized macros. Even better, if you are already a Weekly Moves Member or choose to become one (just $20/month) you can join the challenge for just $30. You can sign up for either option and see all the details here [and no, contrary to other workout programs I’ve done before, I am not an affiliate of Madeline Moves, nor do they offer that type of incentive… I pay the exact same price you do each month and have found it to be super successful and truly enjoy the program].

Macros Tracking | One of the very best parts of the challenge and what makes it so effective is the personalized macros! When you sign up you will fill out a “macro assessment” to provide your unique information and goals and the team at Madeline Moves and then they will provide you with custom macronutrients to follow during the program. You can choose from either maintenance or fat loss plans based on what your goals are and this allows them to provide you with specific counts for calories, carbs, protein and fat. For this TT, I am choosing the fat-loss plan since I have some to lose after the holidays! The program also comes with 40+ amazing recipes making it easy to stay within your target numbers without feeling deprived whatsoever… yes, even for us sugar and sweet lovers. I use MyFitnessPal to track macros and just bought a food scale from Amazon to use!

I also wanted to post my custom macros that the TT team calculated specifically for me during this challenge. Keep in mind I logged my current weight/height/activity level/etc and these have been selected for me, but hoping if I post it publicly it helps keep me accountable, too!

Workouts/Time Commitment | Another way in which this challenge is totally adaptable, you get to choose the length of your workouts. They just released via the app both 30 and 60 minute options that are available each day so you can pick based on what you have time for. This allows the whole challenge to be so much more attainable and fit into your ever-changing schedule. Plus, you can make something work within 30 minutes a day = sounds good to me!

Workouts Continued | The workouts themselves are so easy to access and understand all via the Madeline Moves app. Each week, your workouts are loaded into the app with easy-to-navigate plans for each day. They ALL have videos to show you what the move looks like as well as alternative exercises if you need modifications. Everything you could need it right inside the app so it provides super easy access and no confusion though you know I am old school and still prefer to write my workouts down… that way I am not looking at my phone throughout my workout and helps to get it done faster!

Can I do the Workouts at Home? What Equipment is Needed? | Another great benefit to the TT Program and all the MM workouts is that you can do them all from home with minimal equipment = so you’re not having to spend extra money on a gym membership! If you don’t have access to cable machines you can do all the moves with bands and dumbbells which also make them easy to keep up with when traveling! Here is a handful of the essentials you can purchase to do from the convenience of home sweet home:

Is it Good for Beginners? | Yes! This is truly a program made for any and everyone. it makes for the perfect introduction for beginners because not only are you getting you started with workouts, but it also gives an intro into tracking macros and how the two work together.

Why Not FWTFL? | This was a common ask again this year and so I wanted to restate why I stopped Faster Way. Overall, after doing it for 3 years I just needed a change in my routine and felt like my body needed a change too. It’s common to plateau after doing the same program for an extended amount of time so sometimes you just need a shift. My schedule right now also makes it difficult to carb cycle and then ramp up with lots of carbs based on my eating habits and eating windows [with all the girls’ after school activities mixed in] and so I’ve opted to pause and luckily, the Madeline Moves programs fit into my lifestyle much more easily. The high fat percentage I was consuming through FWTFL was also becoming problematic with some side–related health issues so that is a key reason as well. However, having said that, FWTFL taught me SO much about macros, fitness and general health + wellness so I ONLY have good things to say about the program.

Biggest Difference Between MM and FWTFL | I would say one of the main differences between the two are the workouts themselves, the nutrition component (not carb cycling everyday/no fasting window), and the MM workouts are shorter and more weight training focused with optional cardio at your preferred intensity. I ran a half-marathon back in 2010 and I think that has made me loathe running so I always despised high intensity cardio/sprints days on Faster Way.

Would Love to See What You Eat in a Day! | Like I mentioned previously, something I love about this program is all the amazing recipes they provide [as well as the resources and influencers they partner with to make it even more fun]! Stay tuned for more social posts and stories on what I eat during a day on the program and some ideas for high protein meals/snacks. My goal is to share more of this on a regular basis so you can see what my typical eats look like for extra inspiration and recipes to integrate into your weekly meals as well.

new workout wearables to help motivate

You Ready to Hit Go with Me??

Click HERE to join the Tighter Together Challenge… workouts have already been posted to start on MONDAY, JANUARY 9TH so get it done ASAP. That way the TT team can calculate your personalized macros, you can shop for your refrigerator and pantry staples, etc.

  1. Lethea Smith says:

    Thank you. I have friends that love both FWFL and MM. Can you explain the fat issue more? I’m just trying to decide what’s the best program for me. Thanks for sharing. You look fantastic!

    • natashamassey@gmail.com says:

      i’m assuming you mean fat loss mode?? those of us looking to cut weight/inches opt to do the fat loss program for tighter together, which means you’ll be at a deficit to help trim and tightern!!

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